An Interview with RyAnn from Adventure Mamas

Today we are so happy to have RyAnn here with us on NW Healthy Mama! RyAnn is the new coordinator for the Seattle Area Adventure Mamas.  Read on to learn more about Adventure Mamas and RyAnn’s active life with 4 amazing kids!IMG_0249Welcome, RyAnn! Tell us about yourself! What does a typical day look like for you?
 I am a proud mom to 4 amazing kids. Two teenage daughters, an energetic 10yr. old boy, and a cute, trouble making 1yr. old son. Life is never dull, and rarely quiet. A typical day involves Legos, bubbles, books, cooking, cuddles and either a run or workout during nap time. Often I am spending time planning our next adventure or prepping for a Mountaineers course. 
IMG_0228IMG_0250 (1)Recently you became the coordinator for the Seattle area Adventure Mamas. Congratulations! Can you tell us more about Adventure Mamas?
Adventure Mamas is a community of women who believe that motherhood enhances our adventurous spirit, and inspires us to dream big, and live life to the fullest. Just as we aim to see life through our children’s eyes, we need to help them see it through ours.  Recognizing that our need for adventure is just as important now, and is a form of self-care helps us to be better moms. Through the community we can build friendships with like-minded individuals to inspire and empower each other to get outside and explore. IMG_0252
How can we participate in Adventure Mamas or learn more?
To join the Adventure Mama’s collaboration go to and request to join the Seattle collab by filling out a simple waiver. You can also follow on Instagram at @adventuremamas and share your photos with us by #adventuremamas and #celebratebadass. IMG_0251
Where is your favorite place to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors?
My favorite place is wherever we’re headed next. But, the North Cascades hold a special place in my heart.
What does spending time in nature do for you and your family? How often do you try to get outside?
Getting outside together as a family laughing, pushing ourselves, creating memories is one of my favorite things to do. We always come home with smiles on our faces, exhausted and ready for the week ahead. We try as a family to get outside at least once a week. 
What’s your favorite thing about living in the NW?
I love that we have so many options for different kinds of exploration. From rocky, drift wood covered beaches, to beautiful mountain trails full of alpine lakes just waiting to be swam in. 
Who are some of your favorite people online to follow?
Born Wild project- a group of moms focused on “Empowering families to raise children who are connected with wilderness and wildness.”
Peninsula Trips- my go to place to get great info on the top spots in Olympic NP
On Instagram my favorites are @outdoorwomen, @climbingnation, @staciangeliques
Where can we follow you online?
On Instagram you can follow me at @adventure_samuel or @mountain_mama4IMG_0254

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