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DSC_0933I woke up late today and before I even had coffee in me, loud children greeted me with way too many needs and messes. We skipped the gym, had a playdate that was cut short because of the rain and my wild children not being on their best behavior. Nap time was non existent and by 3pm, I felt incredibly guilty for missing the days when at least one or two kids were in school. I wanted to text a friend and tell her how desperately I miss silence and how I suck at summer. It really wasn’t all that bad, it just was “one of those days”…..Tell me I’m not the only one who has days like this.

Sometimes I think the problem is how society makes us think we’re screwing up if we aren’t loving every moment. And summer man—-well, summer is SO GOOD and also, these days can be long…and messy….and loud. And sometimes we think we just.can’t.do.it.anymore.

Then we step outside, drink coffee, go for a walk, talk to a friend or do whatever it is that sets us back on track, and we’re up again, powering through. We love our kids with every ounce of our beings, but we so desperately just want to get something done or hear ourselves think again. And hey—-it’s okay. We are not failing, we are human. 

Turning on Leap Frog today, I snuck out to the garden for a moment. Out there I remembered I don’t have to love every moment, but what I DO NEED TO DO, is try my best to be kind, even if that means another Leap Frog, so I can breath for a moment. 
DSC_0119In between beach days, swinging in the backyard and playing in the pool, we’ve been trying to read a lot this summer. I’ve been relaxed with our reading logs and not legalistic about anything because for me, in this season, I just want time on the couch, enjoying my babies.

I’m  excited to share a couple of new board books we’ve been loving this summer. Sasquatch Books (a Seattle publisher  I LOVE), will be launching these on August 9th! But today, because we love ya, and because summer days can be long….you get a sneak peak….along with a giveaway! DSC_0772

These are both very Seattle-centric, and celebrate the beauty and culture of our city. In fact, I’m sure you’re already familiar with one of the below characters…

Here’s what the lovely team at Sasquatch has to say about these new titles:

Good Night, Wheedle, is a highly-anticipated addition to the Wheedle series of books that we’ve been publishing for decades. Finally, we’re revisiting this beloved Seattle character with a bedtime story that toddlers will love (not to mention the nostalgia you’ll feel reading the story aloud!). The board book format is perfect to endure curious little hands.  

We also have a board book edition of one of our most popular backlist titles, Three Bears of the Pacific Northwest. This story follows two bears on a journey to help a little blue (stuffed animal!) bear find his way home. It’s an adorable story and one that kids will relate well to – after all, what child doesn’t have a treasured stuffed animal that they would be devastated to lose? 


To celebrate you, your kiddos and wonderful books based in our area, we have partnered with Sasquatch for a fun giveaway. Simply enter below!
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 Whether you’re at the beach, reading together or watching a movie, I wish you many more happy summer days.

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Angela is a wife, mama to three little ones and a lifelong Washington State resident. Besides facilitating the NW Healthy Mama website, she loves being involved in her kids' school, hiking with her girlfriends, growing all the things, writing, reading and taking photos.

9 thoughts on “Long Summer Days Book Giveaway

  • Sarah E

    We were able to make a quick stop at the ocean thus summer. The first time for our kids to see the bigness and majesty of the actual ocean. I think that will be my favorite memory of this summer.

  • Adriane

    Being able to just be there for our kids has been the highlight so far. I can also admit that this doesn’t always look perfect and it isn’t always beautiful. Reflecting back on past summers, the kids always, and I mean always, talk about the trips we took, the fairs we went to, and the camp walks we took. They never talk about the day mom flew off the handle, or the day mom wanted to stay in bed all day, never. It is easy to see our own faults, but our children are so much more forgiving then we give them credit for. They just want to have fun. And, if that means mom needs to turn on the TV for a bit to breathe, then so be it. It will be better for everyone in the end!
    Bless you sister, you are blessing to many and a great find to all. Most of all, you are the best mother you can be and that is how God made you, perfect for your family.

  • Maegen

    You know, the truest thing that has Ever been said is that, “The days are long but the years are short.”
    I know for Sure there were lots of moments I didn’t cherish when my boys were small even though I cherished them!
    And there are definitely moments I’m not cherishing with my 13 year old this summer! lol

    We have been loving our reading this summer. My younger son loves to just hang out at the library reading comics.

    These are great books; I know I could find someone lovely to gift them to since they’re a bit young for us now. Love this publisher!

  • mckenzie allyshia

    I have definitely had days like that! When my son was in school I had about an hour between the time I got home from work and the time that he got off of the bus that was perfectly quiet. Having that time to unwind did wonders for my patience 🙂

  • Kate

    Loving the new Sasquatch books as well, and yes, I felt like I was reading my own thoughts as I read the beginning of your post! I have had good days & bad days this summer…some great ones where we are out exploring and adventuring and having fun and “on-schedule” and others where I’m “working” too much & a certain little one is getting way too much screen time!

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