The Moms and Kids Hike to Boulder River Falls!

dsc_0757 Rewind almost a year and a half. I was vacuuming and an idea came to mind. It was for this site. While creating clean lines across the carpet, I saw it all. This would be a place with voices of multiple women. It would be a place where a healthy/active/happy lifestyle is embraced. It would be a site where women come together, encourage each other and it would be LOCAL. Hikes, gardening, yummy and simple food, brands I believe in and a space where women could share their hearts/stories/ideas.

Turning off the vacuum, the clean lines faded, but the idea stayed. After many nights working my way through WordPress and teaching myself web design, this space became more than just an idea. It became a community. 

When people ask me what I love most about blogging, hands down, I have to say it’s the people. EVERY single person I’ve met through this site has been kind, inspiring and beautifully genuine. Because of that, it makes me want to keep going. See, I’m just very normal and it’s hardly real to me that people actually read my words. More than that, it’s crazy to me how awesome the people are. Countless guest posts, Insta-friends turned real life friends (I get to photograph one of their upcoming births!)….my gratitude list overflows. 

So when the PNW Outdoor Women group asked me recently to plan a Moms and Kids hike, I was all over it. A day outside with friends, new and old? Heck yes. Our time at Boulder River Falls was so fun. I think we’ll do this again! What do you think? Would you want to come hiking?

Here are a few photos from our hike…….

Two things I love: Signs of fall and my good ‘ol Salomon hiking boots.

dsc_0758 What great Mamas these two are! And such sweet kids! My 3 year old was having a bit of an “off” day, but this little guy kept on trying to be her friend. What a blessing!dsc_0760 Just a Golden puppy along the trail. He ran up to us and gave me Golden fever….like I didn’t want one already.dsc_0769Baby H! This boy was such a dream to hike with.dsc_0783 Sweet kids enjoying a picnic at the falls.dsc_0793The water was low so there was plenty of space to sit and enjoy the view, while the kids played around. 
dsc_0808dsc_0787If you’d like to be part of a Moms and kids hike in the future, please let me know. This was fun and I think we’ll be doing it again!

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