8 Things You’ve Gotta Love About Being a PNW Mom 3

DSC_06796am. The house is still. The heaters are on (thankfully we still have power!). A candle burns and I’ve got my Seahawks socks on with sweats, a sweatshirt and a blanket wrapped around my legs, tied on my waist, the way you’d tuck in a towel. This is my signature look when it’s cold outside. Isn’t my husband lucky?!

Yesterday’s coffee is heated up and sitting next to me since I forgot to buy more coffee at the store and to me, day old coffee is better than none. Not ideal, I know.

Anyway- as I drove our kids to swim lessons yesterday, leaves blew beautifully all over the road, I couldn’t help but be so thankful I’m a Mom who lives in this area. Yes, a HUGE wind storm is currently threatening our region, but my gosh you guys, we normally have it so good. 

DSC_0813 Here are a few reasons to love being a Mom in the PNW:

  1. We get coffee, instead of sweet tea. It’s on every corner, at every playdate (if it’s not, start worrying about that friendship). It’s even at my gym!
  2. We (normally) have incredibly mild weather, which in turn, leads to us being able to enjoying the outdoors with our families year-round. Hiking, skiing, sledding, swimming (without alligators!)…..rarely do we really NEED to stay inside.
  3. We get to wear layers! Thank you Jesus we don’t live where it’s swimsuit reason all year! We get boots, scarves, puffy vests, sweaters, leggings, beanies and CLOTHES for almost half the year. I’d say this is winning!
  4. Our creepy-crawlies aren’t too creepy. So many places in the world have disgustingly huge and poisonous bugs or areas where you can’t swim since your head might get bitten off by a crocodile. Here? Not so much!Lake 22
  5. We can be quite hippy’ish, without being hippies. We can swing to the natural/organic side and lather ourselves and our children in essential oils. We can get excited about Birkenstocks and have crushes on vintage campers…but still, some of us aren’t “real” hippies and it’s working quite nicely!
  6. Creative dream chasers are all over! We live around some of the most driven, smart and innovative people. People who are building incredible businesses based off of ideas that they’ve pushed hard to make happen. It’s so awesome to live in a time where if you have an idea, it’s becoming pretty acceptable to try and make it happen. People who are living this are all over our beautiful area!Whistle Lake
  7. If we want to shop local, it’s pretty easy. Many of the stores around here are filled with local products, made by friends, neighbors and people in our communities. Then there are the roadside produce stands, produce delivery services, farmers markets that run for 6 months and so many other options. Taking steps to live an environmentally friendly life is fairly easy around here!
  8. The people here are kind. If you think this isn’t true, start being really kind yourself and see if it’s returned to you. Most likely, it will be.

What do you love most about being a Mom in the PNW?

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