A Fall Scavenger Hunt

dsc_0010Has anyone else felt that “over flowing plate”, fall-drowning feeling lately? With two kids in school, one in preschool, all 3 in swim lessons, MOPS and me starting to work part-time, I’ve found it hard to take a deep breath sometimes lately. But this weekend though….time slowed down. Together as a family we did chores, cooked, cleaned, caught up on all the things and spent almost every moment together. It reminded me that a full life is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just important to have a few days to catch up and allow everyone to go slow again. 

Today on our scavenger hunt, my favorite moment was when our son paused on a bridge, kneeling down, telling us there’s a game we should all play. Scrunched together on the little bridge, he handed sticks to each of us and then counting…1, 2, 3….we dropped them into the water. Watching them float down stream, we guessed who’s stick would win. We spent lots of time on that bridge, dropping grass, flowers and leaves into the water, watching them drift away. 

In the past, I’ve printed off scavenger hunt pages for our kids, but they’ve never really gotten into it. Today…..was different! I don’t know if it’s their ages, but they loved it. I think what’s most important when you plan an outing like this is to hold the whole thing loosely. Pages will tear, kids won’t care, items will be lost, things will be crossed off that aren’t found. The purpose is to set up an opportunity for awareness. 

A few photos from our scavenger hunt:dsc_0003dsc_0018dsc_0023dsc_0026dsc_0030dsc_0054dsc_0064Here are the pages we used with links to the sites where you can print them. Grab your kids and go have some fun!

For readers:
scavenger-hunt-1 For the younger ones:scavenger-hunt-2 For Moms:scavenger-hunt“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”
― Maya Angelou

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