A Party Where Kids Can Be Kids

fullsizerender-42I don’t know about you, but this October might go down in history as one of the most packed months for our family. Do you feel it, too? When our daughter’s birthday approached, I knew it needed to be simple. FUN, and I wanted to have it at a place where we could invite as many kids as we want. Sometimes our family does smaller parties at our home and that totally works, but our girl was SO looking forward to her birthday and I wanted her surrounded by friends and family, without any fuss on my end.

With one run through Costco, grabbing bags of easy snacks, a few boxes of cake from Target and a call to Ground Zero Gymnastics, her party was planned. Literally I did like…..nothing. And for this year, it was perfect. This Mama needed EASY and EASY it was!dsc_0456 This child of mine NEVER holds still and what better way to celebrate her, that to let her get all her wiggles out with her friends! It was so nice to be out of our home and in a place where kids can truly just be kids.They jumped, balanced, tumbled and did all the things I’m usually telling them NOT to do inside. It was wonderful!dsc_0465dsc_0467dsc_0475 After play time was done, our party leader gathered everyone up and presented our girl with a special Birthday metal. Can I just say how NICE it was so have someone else helping with the party? This lady was amazing! She was so good with the kids and made my job so much easier.dsc_0477We moved upstairs to one of the party rooms and spent the rest of our time eating snacks, having cupcakes and opening presents. 
dsc_0450dsc_0451 Before heading to the party, we made a simple platter of hummus, carrots and bell peppers. Also we filled bowls with kid snacks like Animal Crackers and Pirates Booty. We brought water bottles and juice boxes, too. Simple finger foods went over well with kids who were super hungry and thirsty after climbing, jumping and balancing for over an hour!dsc_0452 The “goodie bags” for each child to take home had a granola bar and an organic fruit snack inside. Gymnastics makes kids starving so I hoped this would be a nice little treat for the ride home.dsc_0454 When we went to light the candle. our lighter was out of fluid. Small panic moment! Then I ran down to the Ground Zero office and they had an emergency party lighter they let me use. Totally saved the day!dsc_0482 Being her Mom is the greatest honor and we are so thankful for the friends and family that celebrated her with us!

A BIG thank you to Ground Zero Gymnastics for hosting us! If you’re looking for a place to have a party where kids can be kids, I’d highly recommend this place! Also be sure to check out their “open gym” times- a total sanity-saver, especially on cloudy winter days.


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