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8-things-to-do-the-day-before-your-hike Getting ready to head out bright and early with a group of girlfriends in the morning. So ready to be out in the woods! Wow, it’s been too long! In the morning, I can either be really rushed, scatter brained and possibly forget important things or, I can be calm, prepared and have even more fun. So, I thought I’d share a few things I love to do before a hike. If you have things you do, please share below!

  1. Hydrate! Our bodies need some time to truly become well hydrated. If you wait until the day of our hike, you’ll not only be peeing constantly, but you won’t have allowed enough time for that water to do it’s job. They day BEFORE your hike is when you should be tanking up on water!
  2.  Clip Toe Nails. This tip is one that you should NEVER skip, unless you just clipped your nails. If your toe nails are too long, you’ll have sore feet! Just do it, trust me. 
  3. Sleep! What’s one of the BEST things we can give our bodies for ultimate function? Sleep. There’s nothing better than it—even good coffee and if you know me, that’s saying a lot. So have the self control to put yourself to bed early the night before. You won’t regret it.
  4. Eat high protein meals. Okay, let’s talk about blood sugar levels here for a moment. No one wants to feel the highs and lows that tons of carbs and sugar can give us. So the day before your hike, eat well balanced, higher protein meals. This will help you have long lasting energy without any sugar crashes!
  5. Pack! You know what to bring, right? If not, here’s what’s in my backpack, although this list was for summer and it does change a little in the winter. Get it ready. Make your lunch. Maybe even put gas in your car. You’ll be leaving early the next day without any fuss.
  6. Tell people where you’re going. This. Never forget to write it down for someone. Always. 
  7. Lay your clothes out. Especially during this time of year, it’s best to think layers, layers, layers. And non-cotton, water resistant is best, too. Also, bring that rain jacket, hat and gloves. The weather changes so quickly around the Northwest.
  8. Prepare a high protein breakfast for in the morning. I don’t know about you, but when I’m up early for a hike with friends, the last thing I want to do is wake all my kids before heading out. But, I need eggs. And eggs are loud to make when your kitchen is next to your child’s room. So, I make them the night before and then I just microwave them in the morning.  Other great options are overnight oats made with almond milk and nuts, protein pancakes, breakfast wraps and so on….IMG_7974

What are some of your must-do things the day before you hike? 

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