A Fall Oyster Dome Hike

img_7968Chances are if you’re Seattle or north…you’ve heard of Oyster Dome. Like me, you’ve probably done this hike a few times, too. When I scheduled this one with a group of friends, it was sort of a last resort hike. After doing this in the snow and on a few warm summer days, I thought I knew this hike well and that it’d be like only sorta-kinda interesting. How wrong I was.

Saturday morning I woke up before the sun, to the sound of rain falling hard. We drove to the Samish Overlook and parked there. I highly recommend doing the hike this way. When we were there, the road was in excellent condition! Be sure to bring your Discover Pass. You can grab directions from the WTA website here.

Throughout our hike, the rain fell off and on, but never hard. And the fog! Oh my word, it was gorgeous. Moody clouds of white drifted in and out of the trees. 
img_7955 The fall colors covered the ground and the trail was in excellent condition. After doing this hike last time in the snow (read about that day here ) I had forgotten how beautiful the trail itself is.img_7947img_7948When we reached the top, the fog had cleared just enough to give us a beautiful view of the San Juan Islands.img_7962 If the rain had kept me home, I would’ve missed all of this. How GORGEOUS is this view?!img_7975 img_7978 img_7980

Sometimes I think I know a hike well and that it won’t be all that great. Then I go out and remember that each different season offers so much. Right now, Oyster  Dome is completely gorgeous. Yes, it’s well known and very common, but on a foggy, drizzly day, this hike was completely refreshing and stunning in it’s own wonderful way.

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