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It was our first winter road trip since having a baby and I’ll never forget what we listened to as we crossed over from Seattle to Leavenworth. Driving slowly as the snow fell hard, Trans Siberian Orchestra seemed to drum along with each snowflake and if we’re being honest, I think I might have cried a little. Fine, I did. I cry happy tears easily. It was all so beautiful, the snow falling heavy, our sweet baby sleeping and the music completed the scene. So, that friends is why I’m crazy about Christmas music, especially on road trips. dsc_0206

Now of course, this topic is one of those that we all will have slightly different opinions on. You’ll have your favorite Christmas tunes and I’ll have mine- but we can still be friends, right? This list for us, is the The Ultimate Christmas Road Trip Playlist. It’s rocking, dancing, movin’ and shakin’. While there’s a time for slow and sleepy, when you’re driving over the pass and the white stuff is falling, or you’re on your way to a day of sledding, it’s rock out time (or at least that’s how our family rolls).

These suggestions can be turned into a Spotify playlist or you can buy the CDs off Amazon. If you’re like me, you can start to perfectly craft your playlist on Pandora now, before the holiday’s are really here. Our family is loving these CD’s, and we hope you will. too!

The Ultimate Christmas Road Trip Playlist

(These are full CD suggestions, not individual songs)


What are some of your must-have Christmas songs? Please share!



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