Women From Around the NW Share Their 2017 Goals!

When I posted, asking for you all to share your 2017 goals, I knew they’d be great, but you guys are even WAY more fun than I anticipated! It shouldn’t be a surprise though….. We are all capable of so much and life can be so full of excitement! So here’s a short little post with the fun things ya’ll are looking forward to in 2017. 

Here’s to saying no to worry and instead, taking chances. Here’s to holding our babies a little longer and hugging our spouses a little tighter. Here’s to rest, letting go and learning. 

What a privilege it is to be women with dreams, plans, desires, and hearts beating in our chests. May we be so good to ourselves and to others during this coming year!

Here’s what some of you are looking forward to in 2017:

  • cougshelleyHave a baby 👶😉, ski mission ridge that’s all I have so far!
  • natural_baileyI would love to go on one of those monthly all women hikes! I want to get outside more!
  •  lena_voth  Half marathon!
  • grammb 50 awesome hikes in my 50th year. Starting in January!
  • kegrantwa This is the year we graduate our favorite middle son from high school!
  • I was just thinking about this, this hour, here at the Y about next year’s bucket list. I’d like to do a mini study of key inspirational people every month. There are people I’ve always wanted to know more about like George Washington Carver, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa. Harriet Tubman came to mind this morning. I keep waiting to have time to read biographies but because of my ADHD reading is very difficult for me, as is completing tasks. So I’m thinking that doing bite sizes every month as good as I can is better than nothing. -Charissa J.
  • I would like to venture to some of our WA state parks that my kids haven’t seen, get out of a rut and try some new recipes, and schedule in some more dates to connect with my husband.-the516


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