A Great Snowshoeing Spot for Beginners

Recently I read a quote about snowshoeing. I can’t remember who said it, but it went something like “The best way to learn how to snowshoe, is to just go out and do it.” For real, though! Snowshoeing isn’t rocket science, as was proved last Saturday when a group of 13 of us went together. It was the first time for many of us and I’m happy to say we’re all still in one piece and I think *most* of us are already looking forward to next time!

My sweet friend Rachel who’s written a few guest posts here on NW Healthy Mama, picked the trail for us and gosh, she’s good! This trail was perfect for our group. It’s wide, easy to follow and the climb is fairly steady, not too hard, but not too easy either. If you’re looking for a place to go as a beginner, this might just be your spot! But just a warning—you’ll need to go soon. It seems like the snow is already starting to melt?!
Aren’t these ladies so lovely? I was so impressed with how many of them went out of their way to buy or borrow snowshoes for this day. Gosh, I love these gals! The trail we followed is called the Lake Kelcema trail. It begins at the Denny Creek sledding area, where Mountain  Loop Highway closes for the winter, and heads up past where the gate is closed to the forest service road. The trail is a total of 10 miles with a 1600 ft. elevation gain. We didn’t make it all the way to the lake since a few ladies needed to be back early in the day. However, we snowshoed for a few hours, stopped for lunch for quite awhile and then headed back. It was perfect and the sun was even shining for us!Sunshine, cute bundled babies, Mamas on snowshoes and a walk in the woods. We live in a beautiful place and it feels so good to get out and enjoy it.After I came home, sat down and showed my kids pictures from the day, I couldn’t help but hope that someday when my kids are grown and they have little ones of their own, they’ll hangout, dream up ideas and just go for it. This girl (my best friend and sister) and I stood in my kitchen 3 years ago and dreamed up a simple idea to start a hiking group. So we went for it! Ladies came and 30 hikes later, these days continue to be one of the best of my entire month. 

So what desires keep tugging on your heart? Maybe they’re there for a reason.This Lake Kelcema trail is mostly forested. A few viewpoints show off incredible views of Bald Mountain, Big Four Mountain and Sperry, Vesper, and Little Chief Peaks. For me, the trail was a perfect mix of forest, with some beautiful views along the way.Hanging out with @MrsZupke and her cute babe!
This gal @ourwildwoods is so sweet. So happy to know her “in real life” now!
So, sweet friends- if you’re looking for a great trail for beginners, I’m recommended Kelcema Lake trail. Bring traction to start with, since the snow isn’t thick until a little way up. Have fun and don’t overthink it. You’ve totally got this!

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