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A few months ago, it was a privilege to guest post over on Love LaConner. You can find this post originally there. Thankfully, the daffodil season is just around the corner! Here are a few ideas that’ll help turn your drive-by into an all day family trip.

 Daffodils seem to smile, guaranteeing that spring is on it’s way. But what should a family do after driving by the fields and admiring all the beauty? Just go back home? No way! Here are a few must-do ideas! Hikes, places to eat and the list goes on! Pack up the kids, load the car with snacks, the camera and some jackets. With these ideas, you can make it a day trip you’ll all enjoy.

  • Visit the Padilla Bay Interpretive Center (and be sure to walk down to the water!) Come visit the Padilla Bay Reserve and learn more about the Salish Sea. Staff are available to teach and present to individuals, groups, and classrooms.”
  • Walk along the Padilla Bay TrailGreat for strollers, bikes, kids, runners, dog walkers, even a wheelchair could do this. The easy flat walk makes this an ideal hike for those just starting out, or someone recovering from an injury or illness. Bird watchers will definitely want to bring binoculars!
  • Take a walk along the Skagit Wildlife TrailThis trail is often used by duck hunters during hunting season, but since hunting season is over, it is a perfect walk for the family. The trail is wide and lined with gravel. A jogging stroller should do just fine.

  • Drive out to Anacortes and hike around Whistle Lake. This trail is almost entirely flat and it’s perfect for families or beginning hikers.
  • Head into LaConner and stop for lunch at The Waterfront CafeWith such attention to detail you can be sure the food and service at the Waterfront Café is of the highest quality yet, the prices are very affordable.
  • Grab some coffee and walk along the LaConner waterfront boardwalk
  • Visit Snowgoose Produce for THE BEST ice cream cones around (plus wine and local produce-opens March 3rd)
  • Stop by C-Square and Third Street Cafe in Mount Vernon, where food meets community ownership. At this cafe, you’ll find incredible meats, a HUGE drink menu, a farm fresh dining experience or a perfect cup of organic coffee.

With endless places to hike, play and dine, you can easily turn your daffodil trip into an amazing adventure. Be sure to come back and share which places you enjoyed the most!

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