20 Ways to Welcome Spring for Under $20

Walking into the grocery store yesterday, with my youngest at my side, we couldn’t help but notice the buckets of local daffodils for $2/bunch. As we kept walking, we passed flowers for the yard and new rubber boots. Before we know it, s’mores supplies will be sitting on the ends of the isles. Spring is officially here and even if the weather isn’t fully on-board yet, we can still totally celebrate. 

I’m really excited about the items on this list and I hope you guys enjoy them as well. Things like the butterfly kit are SO much fun. There are so many ways to make each and every occasion a little more meaningful. May we be the people who don’t wait for the sun to come out, but the ones who celebrate everything with enthusiasm and creativity!

20 Ways to Welcome Spring for Under $20

1.Say goodbye to winter and buy yourself flowers! Put them on your table, in the bathroom and next to your bed.

2. Treat your family to Snow Goose Produce ice cream cones, after driving through the daffodils.

3. Visit the Whole Foods Market “Beauty Week” sale 3/22-3/28, when all facial care and cosmetics are 25% off! See this big bag of goodies here? You can get one for only $18! Awesome brands, for an incredible deal. Spring is the perfect time to prepare for beautiful summer skin.

4. Buy your kids some new rain boots. We love these (normally $30- on sale right now for $12.58!) Such a screaming deal!

5. Dig up any plants that need to be separated and share some with your friends! Think raspberries, strawberries, herbs and so on…. Sharing plants is sharing love!

6. Call a friend, bring her coffee and then go walking together.

7. Take your child to the park after school and search for “signs of spring” together. New buds on the trees, flowers, bird nests and the list goes on….

8. Buy yourself some new sunglasses.

9. Make a camping reservation! Thrifty NW Mom put together a list of places to stay $20 or less! 

10. Order your own butterfly kit. We hatched our own butterflies last year and the kids LOVED it. 

11. Make a cute distressed “Welcome” sign to spruce up your front porch. Click on the photo for an easy DIY.

12. Host a seed exchange party! Or go to one. There’s one happening at the Woolley Market this Saturday. Grab the details here.

13. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows, even if you need to be bundled up in blankets.

14. Allow your kids to pick out a new type of fruit or vegetable from the store. Make a smoothie together or try a new recipe.

15. Throw open the windows, wash your couch pillows, throw blankets and create a fresh smelling essential oil spay to brighten up your home. Here are some great ideas.

16. Check out some books about spring from your library. Tip: search for topic specific books on the library website and put them on hold BEFORE you go. Makes for a much more peaceful library trip!

17. Make a ferry garden with your kids! Here are some great ideas.

18. Start some seeds for your garden! 

19. Buy a new house plant. Or maybe even a few! Did you know they help clean the air and keep the toxins out of our homes?

20. Write out your goals for the next 3 months. What do you need to do to prepare for the best summer possible? What’s been hanging over your head that you need to tackle? Spring is a time for growth. Allow yourself to shake off the dormancy of winter and take care of what needs to be done.

What would you add to this list?

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