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Sitting here, pinching myself over the fact that I get to welcome Erin, from Floret to NW Healthy Mama today. I wish we were all in a room together, me with a mic in front, and you guys sitting on the edge of your seats, around big, round tables, with the lights dim, ready to glean everything this lovely lady has to offer. I’d tell you all about why I adore following her and as I handed her the mic, you’d all stand up and cheer loudly. Then the room would silence and as she talked about flowers, we would all start to believe in ourselves and that yes….we can grow them too.

This gal. Where do I even begin? I’ve been reading her new book before bed, with coffee in the morning and honestly I pick it up, every chance I get. Not only is Erin local (LaConner!) but she’s also the kind of person who freely shares what she knows, inspiring folks all over the world to grow what makes them happy. Honestly, I just want to be real life friends! Please join me in warmly welcoming Erin! What fun it is to be part of the Virtual Book Tour and be able to share this Q&A with her!

How did you start growing and selling flowers?

My husband, Chris, and I wanted to be able to raise our little family surrounded by nature, so we moved from Seattle to the Skagit Valley. We planted trees for an orchard and tilled up a big section of our yard for a huge garden. Tucked in alongside the tomatoes, squash and peppers was a double row of sweet peas planted in memory of my great grandmother. Grammy was famous within our family for her garden and she introduced me to flowers at a very young age.  As a child, I was her “little flower girl” and after she became less mobile she tasked me with making bouquets for her bedside table.  Flowers were a source of great joy and connection between us.

So, when the first flush of sweet peas bloomed in our new garden, it felt as if she was right there with me, smiling and nodding in approval. I shared much of the garden’s bounty with friends, family and anyone who crossed my path.  Word started to spread, and I started getting orders from friends of friends. When I delivered my very first bouquet, the lady immediately buried her face in the flowers and got teary-eyed, because it reminded her of her childhood and loved ones lost. Seeing the impact that little bouquet had on her and so many others who received our flowers was life changing. After seeing all the tears, smiles, joy and memories evoked by my flowers, I knew I had found my calling.  I went home and tilled up more yard for my garden and planted more flowers.  Every season I expanded my garden, and my flower fields now take up every square inch of our tiny two acre plot.  

What was the inspiration for your book?

It really goes back to Grammy and wanting to honor her memory.  I wrote the book I wish had existed when I first started out—a book that provides lots of practical instructions, plus lots of pretty photos that show seasonal blooms at their very best.  I love sharing the beauty and abundance of my garden and wanted to create a resource that combines both information and inspiration. Plus, I wanted to show other flower lovers they don’t need massive estates or expansive farm fields.  Even in the smallest spaces, you can create cutting gardens that are both pretty and super productive.

Why are flowers important?  Why should people care about flowers in their everyday lives?

In our everyday lives, especially during tumultuous times, we must find activities and creative outlets that bring us peace. For me, and so many people I know, that means getting off the computer and connecting with nature, digging in the dirt and cultivating beauty in the garden.  

Flowers have this incredible ability to tap into our deepest emotions. Flowers have an amazing ability to make us smile and bring us joy. They provide comfort and help heal broken hearts. They spark memories and stir nostalgia.  The joy in growing, sharing or receiving flowers is pretty awesome, really.   My hope is that my book will help others discover this joy and grow the garden of their dreams.  

What would you say is the core of your success, and your happiness?

I love being able to do what I love alongside my family.  There is nothing better, really.  I also love sharing the beauty of what we are growing and creating through photographs and stories.  I decided a long time ago it didn’t make any sense to hoard information and images of pretty flowers for ourselves, so every day we share snippets of our flower-filled life on the Floret website and through social media.  Over the years I’ve opened up about my experience and my family’s story on the Floret blog, which I think really resonates with people.  I find that for far too many people, conventional career paths have left them feeling emotionally and creatively empty, so they are drawn to opportunities to connect them to what really matters.  For many, that is having a closer connection to earth and their families.

I hope your readers will consider tucking a few more flowers into their gardens this season. Whether you plant flowers in honor or in memory of a loved one, to provide food for bees or other pollinators or exclusively for your own personal pleasure, flowers are a beautiful balm for the soul.  

Chronicle Books and I are giving away a copy of the book along with a bunch of Floret goodies: a garden day planner, calendar and seeds! I will be picking one lucky winner on March 20th. For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section below. Plus, if you follow along with the whole tour, you will have multiple chances to win! Visit the other participating blogs below to learn more about the local flower movement and Floret Farms; plus, each blog post will offer a chance for you to win. Participation is limited to US residents only.

–          Friday, March 10: The House that Lars Built: http://thehousethatlarsbuilt.com/

–          Monday, March 13: Red Dirt Ramblings: http://reddirtramblings.com/

–          Tuesday, March 14: NW Healthy Mama: http://nwhealthymama.com/

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–          Thursday, March 16: Fresh Eggs Daily: http://fresheggsdaily.com/

–          Friday, March 17: Creative Vegetable Gardener: http://www.creativevegetablegardener.com/

Buy the book here: www.floretflowers.com/book Follow Floret: Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook  

For a chance to win her beautiful book, a garden day planner, calendar and seeds, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section below. I will be picking one lucky winner on March 20th!

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and entries! 

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308 thoughts on “Q&A with Erin, from Floret (with a giveaway!)

  • Shayla Ambrose

    I love hearing everything Erin has to share, this is going to be my first year putting all my effort into a cut flower garden. It’s just going to be in my yard but one day it will be a farm!

  • Megan Caldwell

    I really hope I win! I have been following her for about 2 years and have just purchased my first house. You better bet I’m going to use her book to start my flower gardens! Awesome giveaway 🙂 thanks!

  • KathyG

    I appreciate Erin’s comment about unplugging and going outdoors to dig in the dirt. For this reason, I started to garden. Being outside refreshes me!

  • Alexis

    I am so excited that this book is out! My cutting garden has quickly become my favorite place to be, and I am itching to get outside this year (it’s still a little cool where I’m at). Really appreciate all I’ve learned from Erin so far, I’m excited to put more of her advice to good use 🙂

  • Jan

    I love Erin’s IG photos! Would love to have the new book-getting ready to turn my garden box into a cutting garden!

  • Polly

    Erin’s blog and book are a true inspiration! She speaks to my soul and I feel such a connection. There is nothing like digging in the earth and getting my hands dirty. Thank you for sharing!

  • Ashley

    I love how Erin encourages you to grow- no matter how small your garden is. Seeing her stunning blooms in the spring, summer and autumn on her website are always a highlight and great inspiration. Thanks Erin!

  • Linda in Arlington

    Good Morning! Have a question about sweet peas. Do you obtain your entire harvest of sweet peas from the planting under the hoop house? Do you have another planting outside as the weather gets warmer?

  • Brenda

    This is a nice way to have a book tour! Not only do we get to read about Erin and her farm but we get a chance to check out other websites. Thanks!

  • BriAnn

    This will be our second summer in our new home and it has been my dream to have a flourishing garden. I achieved my veggie garden last summer while also growing our newest addition to our family, baby Leo. What also grew inside me was a desire to grow a cut flower garden! I honestly can’t wait to get started! I hope I win!

  • Heide Dolan

    Erin is a true inspiration to find the beauty in small things because they can be life changing!

  • Michael

    I am writing this as Blizzard ” Stella” howls through Connecticut. Out doors the snow covered cutting gardens are barely visible and being whipped by icy gusts. I’ll remain hopeful that Spring is just around the corner. Erin’s glorious book is just the visual “tonic” I need to get over the winter blues !

  • Barbara Dominas

    It is my dream to rip up my weedy lawn and plant dahlias on my whole yard. Erin is such an inspiration!

  • Rhonda Bunn

    Hey Angela!
    I am just as excited with Erin and her book as you are! I just received it (the book) in the mail and I too can’t seem to put it down. I am planning on starting my own little flower farm this spring and she has given me so much information. I am also excited about this tour. I have bookmarked all the blogs and am excited to have a whole bunch of new exciting reading material to add to my favorite blogs!! Such a great thing.

  • Erin Friesen

    I have been following Erin for about a year now, and would love to win a copy of her book and seeds to add to my small but growing garden. Thanks for sharing her interview 🙂

  • Jenny

    Love Floret, and have enjoyed her blog for quite some time! My mom was a florist and shared her joy of flowers with me when I was growing up.

  • Amber willis

    I love Floret and these amazing beautiful flowers! I love her heart to share her knowledge and encourage people to grow their own flowers! Truly a blessing!

  • Kristi Hein

    Last year I grew direct-seeded Floret zinnias — Oklahoma Salmon and Scabiosa Flowered Mix — with great success. (*Somebody* kept chomping down the seedlings of Floret scabiosa I direct-seeded — I suspect the bunnies, not the deer. I think I needed to size these up indoors). This year I will try starting seeds for four kinds of Floret zinnias indoors, with a friend’s loaner setup of trays and lights. As copyeditor, I’ll get a comp copy from the publisher, but I’d love to give another copy to a flower-growing friend who lets me gather bouquets in her garden. :^)

  • Sharrie

    I love to follow Erin and Floret on Social Media. How exciting that there is now a book! I’ve shared her pictures with friends and family. I’m a big fan!

  • Stephanie Downes

    “Blam for the soul” well that’s perfect. Flowers are soul food, and sweet peas are like mama’s tuna casserol—the ultimate comfort. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Erin. XOXO

  • Erin

    My grandma and mom are huge gardeners- flowers, plants, veggies…and I could barely keep a house plant alive and never really had this itch to do my own garden until now. We are moving into a new house with a yard and gardening space and I excited to get planting (nervous too, but it will be fun to do with my kids) Looking forward to reading this book- winner or not!

  • Cait

    I would be wildly happy to get a copy of this beautiful book and can assure you it would be well-used and well-loved.

  • Kathleen S.

    Hi Erin and Angela! Thank you for the inspiration today. Erin, thank you for your generosity with your knowledge of growing flowers. “Balm for the soul”, I love that. Sending love and best wishes from Florida… ?❤️?❤️?

  • Amy Procter

    Thank you for featuring Erin & her book today…she is such an inspiration. Can’t wait to read the book! ???

  • Cheri

    This book looks amazing! My husband is a Serbian Orthodox Priest, and last year I started growing flowers to decorate the Icons at Saint Nikola’s for feast days. Not only do we believe it honors who is depicted on the Icon, but it also brings great comfort and joy to our parishioners. So far I have only grown roses and a few cut flowers, but really am in the super humble beginnings and could use some guidance and knowledge.

  • Jena H

    What a fun way of doing a tour! I’d never be able to participate otherwise. Thank you for so much inspiration!! I’ve planned out beds and plan to plant about 25 different flowers & fillers- one packet of each- as a starting point for years to come.

  • Melinda

    I love how Erin’s book tour is opening avenues for me to discover blogs like yours! Thank you for the sneak peek of the book.

  • Sheila Anderson

    Thank you for helping to resurrect my desire to create a cutting garden, and enjoying the simple beauty of process of growing. I have made attempts at creating this kind of garden with some success. Looking forward to getting hands on this Spring.

  • alison guynes

    I feel so fortunate to have recently stumbled across the Floret Farms Instagram page. I am wanting to start my own little flower farm on our property we bought last year. We are empty nesters this year and I feel a little less empty when I’m outside working in the yard. It connects me to my childhood memories with my Dad taking me to the hardware store to pick out flower seed for “my garden” that I would plant alongside his tomatoes and vegetables. I always struggled to narrow it down to just a package or two and I’m sure my Dad struggled with telling me that was all we could get. There is just something about digging in the dirt that connects us not only to the beauty and peacefulness of nature, but also with old memories. When I’m outside digging I am so easily transported back to different times in my life when I got to laugh and play and dig in the dirt with my Grandmother, my father and even my two sons. I am forever grateful for those times

  • Pat Self

    I always wanted to have a flower garden. Now that I am retired, I DO and it makes me happy to have bouquets everywhere…..but I am learning every day from my trial and error techniques!


  • Susan

    Love these interviews with Erin! How fortunate to be able to go to work every day surrounded by such beauty! I’m anxiously awaiting my signed book. The book tour will certainly do for now!

  • Megan

    I love Floret and all of the wisdom and experience Erin generously shares! Thanks for featuring this interview, I particularly enjoyed reading about Erin’s perspective on why flowers are important. At times, I tend to think my work as a floral designer is trivial, but the pursuit of creative expression and a connection to the earth are worthwhile and healthy endeavors. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  • Julie S

    Great interview. I love the website and following along on social media. Such beautiful photography!

  • Katherine Kendall

    Especially today with the chaos that seems to surround us at every hand it was good to be reminded and inspired by simplicity and beauty and passion and joy. Thank you!

  • Sarah Morales

    So excited to see the US floriculture sector grow and I’m glad that I’ll be a part of it! Sending love and support from the east coast!

  • Angela Weaver

    Love this and couldn’t agree more! I have flowers from my grandma and grandpa’s house and other family too and it always brings back good memories having them here in my gardens with me and sharing them with others <3

  • Susan

    Spring is almost here…..can’t wait to transplant my Floret amaranth and zinnia seedlings to the yard. Thanks for all the inspiration, guidance, and beautiful photography.

  • Linda

    Nice to find you neighbour. Will check in every once in a while. Love the flowers. Must visit Floret very soon,

  • Angela

    Love this and couldn’t agree more! I grow flowers that were in my grandma and grandpa’s gardens and other special people and love having them here with me and sharing them with others too… so enjoyable to share the love of gardening with others <3

  • Michelle

    Congrats Erin! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion around the world. I am a flower rookie, can’t wait to start planting!

  • Nicola G Whaley

    I learned about Erin and Floret from Debra Prinzing’s “Slow Flowers” podcast. Being a garden designer I love growing flowers for cutting and making floral arrangements. I just ordered some seeds from Floret and can’t wait to get started planting them. Would love to win a copy of her book!

  • Kathy

    Great timing to see this book! My daughter is getting married in September and wanted me to plant flowers to be cut for the table decorations. I was planning on researching what would be in bloom and in her color family.

  • Kathy chadwick

    Here in the Northeast, there is a blizzard raging outside my window as I prepare flats to start some seeds in the coming weeks. Thank you, Erin, for the inspiration! I love your book. Angela, thank you for the great interview!

  • Diane

    I can’t wait to read your book, Erin, and learn all kinds of tips for growing your beautiful flowers in my yard!

  • Sara

    I’m so excited about this book. I already bought my copy, but would love to win one for my mom!

  • Stefania Guarda

    I am a very novice gardener (just a few years of veggies while juggling working mommyhood), but I have never tried flowers and have no idea where to begin. Erin’s intoxicating at drawing people in and allowing them to believe that they might be able to pull it off :). Fingers crossed!

  • Katrina Kelly

    I’m so excited to raise more annual flowers this year. I am a garden designer and I focus on sustainable practices to help our pollinators. I started doing more annuals in the past two years, and each year I get a little better at it! Thanks for a lovely book!

  • Heather

    Erin is an inspiration and to be able to pick up her book and read it, aside from the computer, will feed my desire to learn more. Following a gift from my husband of a Sarah Raven cut flower kit a number of years ago I am now yearning to do more. Erin’s generous sharing of her knowledge and her love of flowers is helping me on this journey. Steps completed. Given up work! Ordered her book planning!

  • Linda Valant

    I can’t even wait to plant my Floret Flowers “Sweet Peas” seeds this year! Thank you both for your inspiration❤

  • Claire Ingstad

    Johnny Martin of Ballard Blossoms took me under his wings and taught me floral design in the early 70s. That was the beginning of a love affair I have with flowers. I have retired after 31yrs in the education field and have a burning desire to get started on a 12 ‘ x 36’ cut flower garden on my 2 1/2 acres. I was so excited to read the first article Sunset Magazine wrote about you last year and now I have a copy of your book to guide me along. I already have 60 of your sweet peas, love in the mist, cosmos, and an assortment of other seeds started.
    Thank you for this treasure book you have shared with all of the world. I feel so empowered by your beautiful spirit.
    Your neighbor in Anacortes

  • Brianna Blacklock

    My book is on the way, but I know my mother would absolutely swoon over this beauty. Would love to gift it to her ! Fingers crossed!

  • Stasha Switzer

    Thanks for doing the wonderful giveaway! I just got my copy of the book in the mail today. I know what I’ll be up to the next week or two 🙂

  • Angie Rose

    This is such an awesome interview & giveaway! I am always so inspired by Erin and of course Floret Flower Farms. Right now I’m in Massachusetts dealing with a snow storm dreaming of spring. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • Katie

    I just discovered your flower farm! I love growing flowers on a small scale for cutting and enjoying, but we just moved to the country and now have a few acres. I ordered your book and it has me dreaming…

  • Sherri Schottlaender

    So lovely…even though I know it is SUCH hard work, I envy Erin’s lifestyle! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Alicia Shreffler

    I love everything I’ve read on this virtual book tour so far. And even been introduced to some blogs I hadn’t found on my own. My birthday is on the 15th so hopefully I’ll win a prize just in time for a belated gift.
    Happy gardening!

  • Lindsey

    To be able to cultivate such beauty and share it with the world! What a tremendous gift (and hard-work)! Thanks Erin!

  • Allison

    All of this is beautiful-I can’t wait to devour this book from cover to cover and keep it as a coffee table book!

  • Michelle Rozich

    My copy came in the mail today! I just ordered a ton more seeds. Now I want the snow to go away! I have a lot of work ahead of me!

  • Linda

    It is amazing that from humble beginnings, Erin has been able to create this floral community. I am in awe of what she has been able to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time. Her writing and photographs allow you to step into her world — something that keeps me dreaming.

  • Em

    This book looks gorgeous! The first thing I want to do once we buy a house is plant tons of flowers and fruits/veggies. For this year though, I’m definitely buying some pots and putting things in them!

  • RuffHandzNopolish

    Thanks for sharing your blog with Erin. I, too have found that I think, reflect, process, and create much more creatively and effectively with dirt under my fingernails. Seeing the flowers filled with butterflies and hummingbirds brings me great joy. I wish you well in delivering your message to the next generation!

  • Rosemarysews

    I am adding so many more flowers to my garden. I feel the most connected to the wonders of our world when gardening on my little lot in the city.

  • Idalisse Sandoval

    I can’t wait to try to grow some flowers this spring, and summer! I’ve never planted anything in my life so I have a lot to learn!!

  • Tessa

    Loved this interview and can’t wait to get my hands on the book! Dreaming of leaving my corporate gig to do something that’s more peaceful like teaching yoga and working at a flower shop.

  • Jennifer Dougherty

    I started following when I saw the huge Sweet Peas.
    Love all flowers, have Sweet Peas that were started from Maine seeds.

    Would love to win your book and some awesome seeds

  • Melissa R

    The thought of being able to grow a cut flower garden brings me joy! I intend to learn a lot from Erin’s book and enjoy soaking in the beauty of every gorgeous photo.

  • A. Horwood

    Just started flower farming for the first time last year. I have already learned so much. There are so many things I will do differently now and things I now know how to do better because of Floret! Thanks so much Erin, you are a beautiful soul and a wealth of wisdom!

    – A.S.H.

  • Rene

    Thanks for sharing this lovely interview! I have followed Erin’s journey through Instagram for quite awhile! So happy for her and her family. The book looks beautiful as well as informational. Thanks for the possibility of winning a copy.

  • Angie Wise Floral Design

    I love following Erin and Floret Farms! She is so generous and kind to share all of her gardening secrets and experience with flower lovers and gardening enthusiasts like me!! I would be thrilled to win this give away! Great promotion!

  • Jontal

    Such an inspiration! And Erin is right! Flowers are symbols of so much! We have heart connections to those moments when flowers have been in our lives.

  • Tish

    She’s an inspiration! She makes me smile in a world of information that so often brings me sadness. I would love to own a copy! (Only reason I didn’t order one yet is because of life just getting in the way right now)

  • Deb Haeffner

    I love following her posts and I love all things flower. Love the interview and would love to win a book. Either way, will read it eventually.

  • Kara

    Lilacs — remind me of my sweet grandmother Mildred Irene; miss her! Although she never liked Mildred and she was known as “Irene” 😉 thank you Erin for all your efforts and beauty you have cultivated. And w/ deep gratitude to our Creator who gave us flowers to enjoy!

  • Becca Lux

    I always love all of your flower pictures Erin. I would be delighted to win this. I love growing flowers, every year I add as many as I can. Your work is so inspiring!

  • Karen McAdams

    Awwwwww, I love flowers! Can’t wait to have warmer weather so I can see blooms again!

  • Brynn Guadamuz

    This book may be water to my soul! Me and my late mom connected deeply loving flowers and I have been desiring to have a flower bed in my new yard. After the idea has been pushed back time after time due to this home being full of projects, I think this summer may be the summer that my yard comes alive with flowers to bring joy to my little girls hearts and keep my mom’s love for flowers alive. Beautiful interview. Beautiful book. Thank you!

    • Brynn Guadamuz

      This book may be water to my soul! Me and my late mom connected deeply loving flowers and I have been desiring to have a flower bed in my new yard. After the idea has been pushed back time after time due to this home being full of projects, I think this summer may be the summer that my yard comes alive with flowers to bring joy to my little girls hearts and keep my mom’s love for flowers alive. Beautiful interview. Beautiful book. Thank you! Did I mention my baby’s name is Flora?;)

  • Kara

    I always plant snapdragons and marigolds because my grandma always planted those. I love the memories of childhood they bring back. This book looks lovely and I would love to win it and be inspired to expand our tiny garden to include a cutting garden! She’s so inspirational.

  • Marcelle

    Love the online tour. Beautiful pictures and learning so much about gardening sites in the northwest!
    Have been gardening in the southeast for 40 years and love your enthusiasm and love of gardening! Can’t wait to see this beautiful book!

  • Denise Kropf

    I love gardening! Love being outdoors, mowing the lawn, working in my vegetable garden and also love flowers!! Being inspired by Erin to add flowers to my garden this year!! It’s like a whole new world of fun and opportunity has been opened up to me!!

  • A daughter

    I’m so ready to start growing since cut costs to share. I also have some plant starts from my grandma’s and mom’s garden. I think of them whenever I’m tending them.

  • Celia

    I’ve come to understand anything to do with Erin is going to be a good one. Getting invited into your lovely space here for the first time and read your interview with Erin is when I caught myself doing anticipation nesting…..stop the computer clicking, go check the woodstove, uncork wine bottle, check phone messages, quickly organize the mail, all the while noticing my mood is gearing for that good thing I want to savor as I cuddle down to open this world I instantly and completely connect to. Mmmmm so grab the jar with the last of the apple chip harvest and savor the munchy goodness for the mouth and heart at the same time! How refreshing this is!

  • Erin

    Planning my flower dreams has grown exponentially after being introduced to Erin, Floret and Northwest Healthy Mama. I hope to carry on a tradition…Borrowing from my grandmother’s green thumb, my mother’s Christmas tree farm experiences and Erin’s flower-filled advice. Thank you for sharing your interview, your thoughts and your hopes…Moreover for your generosity.

  • Ness Rogers

    What luck that Erin has shared this journey with all of us… following her online has brought great joy & inspiration.

  • Nina

    She is such an inspiration. I think I have found my new dream calling. I’d love to be a flower gardener.

  • Molly

    This makes me sooo happy! ☺️ I love this quote: “Flowers have this incredible ability to tap into our deepest emotions. Flowers have an amazing ability to make us smile and bring us joy. They provide comfort and help heal broken hearts. They spark memories and stir nostalgia. The joy in growing, sharing or receiving flowers is pretty awesome, really. My hope is that my book will help others discover this joy and grow the garden of their dreams.” Love that. Thank you for a chance to win Erin’s beautiful book! ???

  • Shannon

    Thank you for the chance to win! What a great post today always love Floret blog and instagram post.

  • Danielle T

    I have been a long-time silent follower of Floret and continue to be inspired by her and her gorgeous photos. Hoping to win the book, but if not, it is definitely my next personal purchase.

  • John Conduracki

    I am so inspired by Erin’s words. I planted my first bed of flowers and looking forward to watching them grow and bloom.

  • Marlae

    Sweet Peas remind me of my mom & her love of flowers. Your book looks like a total labor of love!!

  • Bonnie King

    Totally addicted to planning my own cut flower garden following the release of this amazing book. As a young florist and extra detail is like gold!!

  • Christine robertson

    So excited to read this book! As a kid I laughed at how much my mom loved her garden. As I grew up I thought it was an interest we didn’t share. As an adult I have found I listened to so much of what she said and fell in love with gardening too! ?

  • Raeann

    Would love to won this beautiful and informative book! I hope to start a cut flower garden this spring! What inspiration from Erin!

  • Ona k

    Oh I hope to win. My dream is to one day own land so my four boys could grow up the way I did OUTSIDE, and have a large garden and grown heaps of flowers so that I can bring the outdoors in on the rainy PNW days.

  • Kadie

    I love following her instagram! It is so beautiful ? I didn’t realize she was located in Washington, that’s so fun! Love reading this!

  • Hilary Dahl

    Hello! I LOVE growing flowers and have been dying to see Erin’s book and try some of her hand-picked seeds. Thanks for sharing this fun interview!

  • Monique

    I love this article … so inspiring!! I have always planted some flowers in my garden, but after reading this article, I am going to plant more!

  • Jessica S

    Thank you for the great blog! I ordered tubers and seeds from Erin this year- very excited to get in the dirt!

  • Linda

    Waiting patiently for my copy of Erin’s book, and devouring every bit of information she shares about her flower farm!

  • Cheryl

    I’ve always loved tending my tiny garden of flowers, but Erin’s book is inspiring me to do a little more!

  • Andrea

    I started growing and sharing glads last year in honor of my Oma, who grew them and shared them with church and friends. I am hoping to find a spot for phlox this summer in honor of my Grandma, who’s garden I helped weed and who always had a batch of pink phlox by her front door.

  • Jane Christie

    Growing sweet peas takes me back to my grandmother, as well. I have a summer birthday and I remember on my 15th birthday she made my cake. She cut out the center of the top layer, inserted a cup and filled it with sweet peas.
    I grow sweet peas every year. I love to bring them into my own house and share them with friends and neighbors, as well.

  • Chelsea

    So beautiful & inspiring! I too have the fondest memories of my grandma’s flower gardens. Today is her 100th birthday, she still lives on her own & still has flower gardens and many houseplants to tend, I truly believe they have helped her make it to this age. Love that you have been willing to share your adventure! Thank you!

  • linda wong garl

    Thank you for sharing stories…so inspirational to hear from all these busy women! Love that they share their lives with the rest of us and keep us on our toes too! Can hardly wait til Spring …it’s been a very long, chilly winter with many challenges trying to stay warm!!! Been following Erin for a very long time, and marvel at her perseverance!

  • Evon webster

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    Thanks for the great post, I would love to win the book 🙂

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    Three weeks ago me and my husband we’re traveling, town hunting around Washington state and Northern Oregon and Oregon coast for our new home. I heard there’s a flower farm an hour outside Seattle, so i told my husband i want to see it, my husband said look online if we can visit. I went online and said not open for public. So i started looking at their website, started reading their blogs and ending up following them in Instagram and pinterest and even their facebook page. I told my husband I can’t wait to buy her book, and telling him on and on about her and told him im going to start my mini flower farm. He looked at me and smile and said of course you will. The next morning we’re meeting our realtor to show us around in Medford, we saw this beautiful house on a three acres land with the stunning view up on a hill looking down on orchards farm, I got excited. March 7, the book is released and my husband brought me to Barnes and Noble in Medford and he bought the book for me. I started reading it and have tears in my eyes about how she started and about her grandma. My husband saw me and said “are you really that excited to get that book and you are in tears?” And said “what kind of gardening book is that?” .I just rolled my eyes and turn my back while he’s teasing me. Next morning we drove to the coast, Yachats. And i wont stop talking telling him the story about her and told him its a sweet story. Next day we meet up with the realtor and she showed us around, It was stormy and rainy and windy. The next day same weather, so we stayed inside our hotel next to the roaring ocean. Saw my husband pick up the book and saw him in tears. I said “you crying?” And he said “you are right, the story is sweet.” He hugged me and said “we cant live by the coast coz flowers won’t grow. And you can have a piece of a land next to my vine yard”. That’s how powerful this book is. It inspires people, gives new boost of confidence and new hope. It inspire me and my husband to try new things and a good marriage bonding. The family that farms together stays together. (Sorry its long, i just got excited sharing my story)

  • Tiffany

    I loved reading Erin’s story. It sounds a lot like mine but I’m just beginning. My grandmother has inspired me to grow plants. She has many flower gardens throughout her 3 acre yard. She planned her gardens very well in that she always seems to have something in bloom no matter what season it is. As for me, I’ve been gardening organically for 5 years now. I still have lots to learn. I grow organic for my family’s health and the natural world. This year I will start my first garden at my new home as a first time home owner with my husband and 18 month old boy. We have one acre of land. I know in time we can do a lot with that. I planned out a big vegetable garden along with many flowers and herbs. I am so excited about it. I hope to read Erin’s book one day.

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    I Look forward every year to filling her favorite crystal vase w her favorites…, Lilacs, Lilly of the Valley and Forget me Nots.
    I Look so forward to receiving my first book from You…. Spring is Coming!!!! ?

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    You’ve inspired me so much to acheive a beautiful cutting garden this spring/summer/fall 2017.

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