Top 3 Must Know Safety Tips When Fishing With Kids

Living in this incredible area, it’s a given that a lot of you go fishing as a family and if you don’t— you should! Today it’s an honor to have Adam Brown guest posting about safety while fishing with kids. Enjoy and be sure to share your photos on  Instagram to #nwhealthymama We want to see what you catch!

Whether you were deep sea fishing in the ocean, sitting in a small boat on a lake, or just standing on the bank of a creek, we all can remember that great moment when we caught our first fish. Giving that experience to your kids can create lifelong memories for them as well.

Before you break out the tackle box, here are 3 great tips that will help you and your kids stay safe and have fun while fishing.

#1 Set Ground Rules

A few minute explaining the risks and dangers of sharp hooks, wet floors, and slippery fish can prevent bigger accidents from happening later on the water.

Setting a few simple rules and guidelines on how to act and what to do in certain situations will not only give your kids a clear picture in case of emergencies, but help give you piece of mind knowing that they’re safe.

#2 Dress Appropriately

What you wear will definitely impact how comfortable you are while out on the water. Here are a few guidelines on key pieces of clothing every fisherman should have.

Footwear – You want your feet to stay warm and dry, but also wear something comfortable if you’re going to be covering a lot of ground and new fishing holes. Non-slip shoes are always useful around water and will make your time on a boat or other slippery surfaces much more enjoyable.

Hats – Hours on the water under a bright sun will send you home with a burn. A comfortable cap with a bill will keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes, and add a bit of protection should a stray hook land on your head.

Sunglasses – Hats help block sun from above, but the water will also reflect light back up at you. A pair of sunglasses will make it easier for your kids to see and protect their eyes from flying lines and hooks. Polarized lenses are a great plus and help cut out glare allowing you and your kids to see deeper into the water to spot what kind of fish are around. 

Sunscreen – Coming home with a sunburn is never fun, so a nice bottle of sunscreen, preferably high SPF and waterproof is a great way to protect your skin while you’re out fishing. Even in winter, don’t forget the sunscreen as the sun still shines and can burn your face and other exposed parts.

Clothing – Dressing for the weather seems like common sense, but don’t forget to check the weather before you go out. Sun, wind, rain or even snow are all possible and will dictate what you need to wear. Keeping your kids warm and dry will make them more comfortable and allow them to focus on catching that fish. A spare set of dry clothes in the car is always useful so you can change after you’re done.

#3 Kid Friendly Tackle and Gear

A great new invention is barbless hooks. These hooks do not have razor sharp ends making them perfect for kids. They’re easier to remove from fish and lessen the fear of getting poked.

Having the right tackle: lures, weights, and rigs will increase your chances of catching a fish and reduce the boredom or frustration your kids may feel if they were using the wrong setups. Same goes for the rest of your gear – consider bamboo rods or telescopic rods that are friendlier for your little ones.

Fishing with kids will provide them with a lifetime of memories. It doesn’t have to be a tedious or difficult endeavor. Just follow these few simple tips and you’ll be on your way to safe and happy fishing experience.


Adam Brown is an avid angler and runs the site in order to give some advice to those looking to take on this great hobby and start fishing like a pro.

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