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I was in a TRX class yesterday and after completing all the circuits, we went into the “cardio” portion. “Okay, burpies for 30 seconds!”
The first round wasn’t too bad.
“Now jumping  jacks for 30 seconds!”
“Now burpies for 30 seconds!” And they alternated until I thought I’d puke.

During the last few rounds, I was reminded of what truly makes us able to either finish strong or totally quit before the timer goes off. Can you guess what it is? It has nothing to do with our weight, or our muscles, although those do help. It’s our mental game. Our inner voice. Our self-talk. It’s time to never, ever again focus on how hard things are, but instead, start talking about how strong, capable and healthy our bodies are. Speak over yourself the positive things, which you already are, and also the  qualities you’re trying to grow. Thank your body for being healthy and when it gets really hard, tell yourself that you CAN and you WILL.

The power of our words and our mindset can either stop us when we’re climbing the longest hill or lifting the heaviest weights or our thoughts can trick our bodies into finishing strong. Do you believe you can? Then you can. Do you believe you can’t? Then you’re probably right.

One of the reasons I believe women should exercise and exercise hard is because so many of us have confidence issues. A few weeks ago, during a workout, I started thinking about how my body has grown 3 babies and that yes, it can do hard things. Right there, all sweaty and red-faced, I was proud of myself. It feels weird to write this since we often don’t admit when we’re proud of ourselves, as if it would make us sound stuffy, but come on…… Shouldn’t we be proud of ourselves more often and shouldn’t we be able to say it? 

Turn your inner voice into the most enthusiastic cheer leader. Tell yourself how strong and capable you are. Tell the beautiful body in which you live, how healthy and wonderful she is. Then tell yourself you can do anything for 30 seconds and crush it, girl. A friend told me once that changes happen in those places where we almost quit. She was right. 

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