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Pulling the kids out of school about an hour early, we drove to the Anacortes Ferry, hopped on and then sailed to San Juan Island, on one of the most beautiful sunny days. The ferry ride was just less than 1 1/2 hours, but we knew the kids would be hungry (since they always are!) so we packed food, sat outside and let the wind fly through our hair, while eating sandwiches and watching for whales.
Roche Harbor is where we stayed and I literally can NOT recommend this place highly enough. Actually, as I write this post, something in me wonders if I should start a podcast, featuring local things to do and see, because I want you guys to hear in my voice when something is truly SO wonderful. I  mean, a girl can use capitals and lots of exclamations, but for this place, I don’t know if it’s enough. I am a Mama  of 3 and when there’s a place so perfect for a family to stay, it thrills me!Here’s a view of just part of the marina. Gorgeous, right? Well, hang on to your hat. This is just the beginning.
Welcome to our home away from home. This cottage was built almost 100 years ago and it oozes with charm. If you know me, you know I’m over-the-moon for old homes. This one had me weak in the knees and not only was it totally dreamy, but it was ideal for our family of 5. Honestly, we could’ve stayed here comfortably for a month.

Let’s talk for a second about the logistics of these cabins. They are fully furnished with basically everything you need. Just bring your clothes and food (if you don’t want to only eat out). The cabins have a full kitchen, complete with pots and pans and everything else. Also, did you notice the fire pit outside and the BBQ?  

When we came home yesterday, my husband mentioned how we’d never packed so little for a vacation before and he was right! We were unpacked in about 20 minutes and you know the minimalist in me loves that!This is the view from the front porch of the cabin. Yes, we were watching seals play, while eating our breakfast! The pool is open in the summer and while we were there, we noticed that it’s super family-friendly (it has a large shallow area). If you have kids, that’s a huge perk.
After dinner, we spent lots of time down on the beach, looking at interesting things and enjoying the sunset.
Right next to the beach (just a stone throw from the cabin) is this awesome playground. Our kids loved this!When you’re on the beach, expect to see seals, all sorts of birds and lots of old pieces of history. This place is full of a deep, rich historical story from back in the 1800’s. The integrity of the way people lived over 100 years ago has been preserved and it’s completely fascinating.View of the Roche Harbor village from the beach….Here’s a look at a few of the cabins from the water.
Roche Harbor is a thriving village, a historic “must see” Northwest destination. You can stay in the Hotel De Haro (the oldest continuous running hotel in our state!), a romantic McMillin Suite, or a family friendly cabin. Read more about all the lodging options here.

Enjoy a last-minute getaway or the wedding of your dreams, Roche Harbor has the accommodations and services for everything from company parties, to family reunions and weddings for all budgets.  Pictured below is Hotel de Haro- the state’s oldest continually operating hotel since 1886. This place and all that surrounds it oozes with character and old-time charm. Check out those gardens! Absolutely stunning. Just one of the many places for wedding…. One morning, about 9am, we heard music coming from outside. Stepping out onto our porch, we realized it was coming from this church. Then it happened again the next day, too! Everyday for a few minutes, beautiful music fills the village. It’s completely magical and honestly, this one of our most favorite, unexpected things.The view out towards the board walks, marina, restaurants and shops. We noticed the line at the Lime Kiln Cafe was very long! It looks like a delicious and popular place—one that we plan on trying next time for sure.After we checked out and packed up to head home, we walked around the village once more. The brick pathways, surrounded by meticulously maintained gardens and old-time character are hard to even describe. Our entire family agreed that we must come back soon. Over the next few days, I’m going to be sharing about what we did while staying in Roche Harbor. We hiked in the most breathtaking historical places, ate the best pizza, played scrabble and drank wine after the kids were in bed, picnicked while watching for whales and watched our kids imaginations run wild, while having no screens for a few days. San Juan Island, you are a beauty and our family loves you!

We’d like to extend a big thank you to Visit San Juans for partnering with us for this trip and to Roche Harbor Resort for graciously hosting us. We couldn’t have been happier with this place.


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