A Bellingham Park with Something for Everyone

Settled in the heart of Bellingham, there’s a park with a trail system that offers something for EVERYONE and do I mean everyone? Yes, I mean everyone. Bring your bikes, your trail runners, your hikers, your people just looking for an easy walk, the dogs (on leash), a picnic, the kids…..there’s something for everyone of all ages and all fitness levels here! Just a few steps away from the parking lot are huge tanks filled with thousands and thousands of fish. Before you head out on the trails, be sure to check these out. From a distance they don’t look like much, but as you approach, you and your kids will be in total awe at all the fish! Some of them are really big, too!
The trails weave in and out all over Whatcom Park, so don’t feel like there’s a “right” way to go. We brought a picnic and started out, heading over this old (and gorgeous) stone bridge. The falls this time of year are huge and impressive. This bridge though….it’s stunning and such a short walk from the parking lot!
The view of the falls from the bridge… As we walked on, we took the signs to the old railroad. Wow! How fascinating! Note to self….come back here in the fall for pictures. The colors will be incredible!
As we walked on, we came across numerous spots to stop for a picnic, so we settled in here and ate, while watching some baby ducks float along with their Mama. We saw a Weasel as well and we tried to scare it away, in hopes it wasn’t after those babies. Here’s a view of the old railroad from the ground.
There’s a huge grassy area with picnic tables and lots of places to sit and enjoy this park. Next time, I think we’ll be bringing our bikes!
Here’s the Who, What, When and Where for Whatcom Falls:

Who: Everyone of all levels. Bikers, runners, hikers, beginners, those looking for a short or for a long walk. This trail system offers something for everyone.

What: Waterfalls, picnic spots, awesome bridges, an old railroad, a fish hatchery, a small playground, bathrooms and very well maintained trails.

When: All year!

Where: 1401 Electric Ave Bellingham, WA 98229


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