An In-Real-Life Garden Tour at Klesick Farm 2

The Klesick Family- with spouses and grandkids!

Chances are, if you’re in the Seattle area, you’ve heard of Klesick Farm. Recently I sat down with Joelle, (Mama to 9 gorgeous kids) and over tea, she shared her story with me. What started as a daydream matured into what became their passion, profession, and life’s work.

And here’s the AWESOME NEWS! There’s going to be a NW Healthy Mama Farm Tour at Klesick Farm. Have gardening or market-gardening questions? Wonder how they do it all? Simply want to hangout with some really great people? It’s all happening on July 8th so, be sure to mark your calendar and RSVP to this FREE event right now!
Klesick farms has been growing and delivering Organically grown fruits and vegetables for over 20 years and Tristan is excited to share what he has learned along the way as a farmer, father and small business owner. For more information on becoming a Klesick farm customer. click here.

What: Free Farm Tour and “Farm to Market” Q&A with Farmer Tristan Klesick

Who: You, your friends and even your hubby!

When: July 8th from 10-11:30am

Where: Klesick Farm 24101 Miller Rd Stanwood, WA 98292


A little bit of Farmer Tristan’s story: 

“I didn’t always want to be a farmer.

But somewhere along the way, what started as a daydream matured into what became our passion, our profession, and our life’s work. Along with the box of good we deliver to thousands of families each week, we cultivate hay and vegetables and raise grass-fed beef on a beautiful farmstead near Stanwood, Washington.

It started in the early 1990s when my wife Joelle and I began raising vegetables on a 4 x 8 foot garden plot in Vancouver. That’s where we discovered the magic of farming: given good soil, proper care, and lots of hard work, little seeds—as well as big dreams—one day grow and blossom, producing a harvest of incredible bounty.”

Looking forward to seeing many of you in-real-life and listening to Farmer Tristan share. Please help us spread the word by sharing this event and inviting your friends. It’s going to be a great time!

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