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Because it’s Monday, because Mother’s Day is in 2 weeks and because you’re all amazing, it’s time for something fun!

Recently my hubby and I visited the new Carillon Kitchen in Kirkland. We tried just about everything and left full of  gratitude to be living in a place that’s embracing healthy, affordable, local and delicious food. My Instagram post I shared that evening is here (check it out if you didn’t see it already- you’ll be able to see a few things we really enjoyed). Carillon is all about fresh and healthy, with lots of paleo, gluten-free and loaded with veggies options. And what do I think you absolutely must try? The Cold Brew Coffee.  It’s 100% completely fabulous.

Located on the shores of Lake Washington, Carillon Kitchen is a chef-driven, community oriented restaurant offering fresh and healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Carillon Kitchen is nestled at Carillon Point, which was once a hub for shipbuilding and is now a beautiful marina. During the day, the carillon bells just outside the restaurant chime softly every hour, as a reminder of the area’s history and as a beacon for pleasure boats cruising Lake Washington.


The culinary team continues to be inspired by the water and the surrounding area. Being in Kirkland, they want to offer the highest quality in terms of both nutrition and locally sourced products, while also supporting neighboring farmers and purveyors. All ingredients come from within 200 miles, and everything served is good, clean food. Whether you are dining in or on the go, Carillon Kitchen is designed for your lifestyle. Order in advance for pickup or delivery, or stop in to enjoy artisan meals that are both healthy and homemade. Read more and view the menu here...

In celebration of Mother’s Day approaching and healthy, happy families, Carillon Kitchen and NW Healthy Mama have partnered to give away a $100 giftcard. To enter, please use the rafflecopter below. 
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13 thoughts on “Carillon Kitchen $100 Giftcard

  • erica

    I think a hike and a nice meal at a local eatery seems like just the thing for Mother’s Day!

  • KathyG

    Mother’s Day weekend is when I plant the flower baskets, as well as more veggies in the garden beds, and the guys and I usually hike!

  • AmyK

    Love spending time with the kiddos and keeping the day’s activities to a minimum…

  • Julie Vance

    A simple day spent with my kids would be the perfect Mothers Day, no schedule, no rushing around, no big plans. And…maybe a delicious meal too!

  • Maggie Bauman

    This place looks wonderful! My husband will be out of town for work, so I would love to have a Mother’s Day date with my 4 year old son.❤️

  • Margy Richardson

    This Mother’s day I will just be relaxing at home with my family and having a yummy dinner 🙂

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