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Summer truths. What are they? I don’t know exactly, but I made a list on my phone the other night while I was cooking dinner and I thought I’d share. Since becoming a mom 8 1/2 years ago, each summer has had it’s very own flow. This summer, it’s our first time not having a child who needs an afternoon nap. I used to look at the moms with older kids, who did chores in the morning and spent the afternoons at the beach and I could hardly imagine the day when we could leave our home (happily) and spend and afternoon out having fun. 

So, here are my summer truths so far! Mind you, it’s only the end of July. Check back with me at the end of August and it’s likely this list might change.

  1. Sometimes I just want to be alone. This is the hardest part about mothering for me. I couldn’t tell you if I’m an introvert or an extrovert (I’m just about right down the middle, I think).  All I know is I don’t enjoy being with people all.the.time and that’s tricky with you have 3 kids who tend to think you’re really interesting. Mama! Mama! Mama! 
  2. When we go places and do fun things, it’s great to bring friends, but honestly, sometimes I don’t invite anyone because I love having my kids all to myself. When it’s just the 4 of us, it’s wonderful (most of the time).
  3. I love wearing my swimsuit on the beach and floating with them. Yes, I know, is that weird or what? It’s not that I have a rockin’ bathing suit body, it’s that there’s something about being present with them that feels SO UNDENIABLY RIGHT. Whatever undeniably right thing is….do more of that. We need more mom moments where we know what we’re doing is the best thing.
  4. Reading and school workbooks are going great! Well, besides the fact that I have one child who cries and says I’m the only mom who makes their kids do workbooks during the summer. So yeah, we’re consistent, but it’s not always all sunshine and flowers. πŸ™‚
  5. Summer reminds me why I need to always be brushing up on my parenting skills and why lazy parenting might seem easy at the time, but how crappy I feel when I raise my voice or loose my cool. I posted on Instagram here about a few parenting books I’m starting to read. Last night I started the one by Korie Robertson and so far, it’s pure gold, baby! Pure gold. It’s raising the bar in my life, which is such a good thing. Don’t settle, friends!  YOU and YOUR KIDS deserve the best!
  6. Summer reminds me how much I love a good moms night out and how much I love my afternoon (and morning coffee!). All the people who are quitting and starting to just drink tea or whatever….I’m sorry, but I can NOT relate. There are FAR worse things in the world. Did you know many studies show coffee is actually good for you?
  7. Which brings me to this….. This friends, is what I’ve been adding to my afternoon coffee. I know you’re like what the—-Greens in coffee? Yes and fiber and antioxidants, too! You CAN have it all—in a cup!

So here’s what I’ve been doing (be sure to enter the giveaway below, so you can use this awesome product, too!).

Optional: A banana, protein powder, peanut butter or whatever else you dream up!

Blend it all and enjoy!

Here are the nutrition facts. Check out that fiber and those antioxidants!To make it extra special, sprinkle on some shaved dark chocolate or add a dollop of whipped cream!

So, let’s make this fun! You all deserve some chocolate in your life, especially chocolate that’s loaded with things that are GOOD for you. To enter to win this product, simply comment below. Tell me what’s going well for you this summer or something that’s hard! Winner will be announced on August 3rd.

Disclosure: In partnership with Barleans, I received compensation in exchange for writing this blog post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. Barleans is a company I truly love and it’s an honor to do work with them!

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9 thoughts on “My Summer Truths, with a Chocolaty Giveaway!

  • Brooke

    I’m originally from Sandpoint, ID (PNW) and I’ve been in Fort Worth, Texas for the summer. So I’m really missing the trees and clear blue water and mountains! Its just not the same.. that’s been tough. I enjoyed reading your post πŸ™‚ Although I’m not a mom, just an auntie!

    I’d love to try the greens! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  • Micki Buchanan

    I’m learning to love being in the pictures no rush to be or do anything other than just BE.
    The twins are almost and time is flying by.
    Thank you for sharing your summer insights.

  • Jaymie Casey

    This summer, I have been focusing on healthy foods and good choices. So far, my kids are enjoying everything we have tried! Per your recommendation, we are loving the Barleans butter flavored coconut oil!

  • Sarah E

    I can’t even imagine what summer will be like without naps! So excited for day trips with my kiddos!!

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