Current Loves

You know when you see something that’s just so wonderful it basically takes everything in you to not start cheering like a crazy person? Yeah, that’s been happening a lot lately. There’s some GOOD STUFF out there right now. Here are a few of my current loves:

This Flooring from Lowe’s. Wire brushed surface texture with the rich detail of reclaimed hardwood. Hello beautiful dreamer!


This new theme from Jenny Cookies.  I mean, come on! First she did a Farmer’s Market theme and now this. Sasquatche Cookies are 0 calories, right? And can we count trees as a veggie?

This happy fall thing. Foster’s is opening September 15th. Do you even know how SOON that is? 

These thrifted finds. They are literally like new. As in, never worn. Can we just pause and thank Value Village?! 

This awesome way to make a difference, while recycling all of the Eclipse glasses. 

This Tapestry from Walls Need Love. Do you recognize the lake? It’s Picture Lake. In our new home, I plan to make the office space very PNW with lots of inspiration for writing and travel. Wouldn’t this be perfect on a wall?Lastly, this shirt. Kind people are my kind of people. YES. Yes, they are. From Libby and Dot. 

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