7 Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

Fall camping. Have you considered it? Have you done it? There are MANY reasons why it’s a great idea. Here are just a few of the top reasons you should go camping this fall. 

1. The burn bans are lifting and campfires have never been so cozy. Camping without a campfire just isn’t the same. Now that we’ve had a little rain, it’s a great time to grab some marshmallows and cozy up around a fire. Here’s a great site for current burn ban info.

2. The campgrounds are mostly still open, but a lot less crowded. If you’re lucky, you might even get an off season rate. Some of our favorite places are Camano Island State Park and Deception Pass. You don’t need to go far to have an amazing time! 

3. The woods are the most beautiful this time of year. Sure, it’s gorgeous around here all year long, but nothing beats fall colors. 

4. The fall is usually much drier than the spring. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but the chance of rain is less. Go and enjoy it, before the seemingly endless months of moisture arrive!

5. There’s nothing better than a warm sleeping bag when it’s freezing outside. Fall is awesome because it’s usually fairly warm during the day and then it really cools down at night.  Cozy up in a warm sleeping bag and enjoy some of the best sleep a person can get. The sleeping bag pictured below is a Double Bag made by Teton Sports. The Fahrenheit Mammoth 0°F is a massive two-person, multi-season sleeping bag. This bag fits a couple of adults perfectly, or even parents with co-sleeping kiddos. Durable two-way zippers, taffeta shell, cotton flannel lining, mummy-style hood. In this thing, there’s NO chance of being cold. We absolutely LOVE this sleeping bag! 

6. It gets dark earlier so, you won’t need to stay up so late with the kids! S’mores at 7pm, instead of 10pm? Camping in the fall with kids certainly has it’s perks! You’re practically guaranteed to get more sleep!

7. School has started, but fall camping makes you feel like the summer isn’t over. Maybe you’re like us and you weren’t able to check everything off your summer bucket list. Pack up the car for one more fun weekend!Extend the season just a bit longer. Set up the tent just one last time. Pack an extra hoodie and a few hats. Grab your warm gear and head out. It just might be your favorite camping trip yet. 

For fall camping (or really any time of year), I’d highly recommend this double sleeping bag by Teton Sports. This massively huge bag is incredibly warm and is perfect for cuddling up or sleeping with kiddos who might get chilly during the night. To grab one for your family, click here

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