50 Mom Truths 2

Recently I asked some of the folks in this area for their best “Mom Advice”. What they responded with is absolutely wonderful. Here are some nuggets of wisdom for your good days and your very worst days, too. My best advice? Have confidence,
knowing you’re their mom for a reason. So with that, take this advice lightly and know the job you’re doing is MIGHTY IMPORTANT. 

  • Cleaning your house while your kids are young is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos ? –Katie
  •  Let the kids decorate the Christmas tree. If they want to redecorate it every day, let them. Let go of perfectionism when you become a mom.-Nancy
  • Stop trying to balance everything. Balance is work and it’s tiring. It’s okay that sometimes you’re better at certain tasks more than others. Do what you do well and with love and it will work out. Stop trying to balance it all…as that gets hard and just embrace the current moment. –Alex
  • Teach your child about bullying. Teach them kindness. Not every child is the same. Disabilities aren’t anything but an ability to function in one’s own way. Time spent building Legos is time far more important than folding laundry.
    Don’t cuss at athletic events when your kid scores…(that’s my own rule). Frowned upon by others. Learned the hard way. –Sara 
  • Cherish every stage, even the hard ones. They will grow you, stretch you, and make you a better parent than you were before. Never diminish your child’s feelings, even if they seem silly to you. Don’t take a second for granted, someone somewhere is praying, hoping, and longing they were in your shoes. – Sara
  • Don’t ever compare yourself to other moms. Your family is not going to look the same as someone else’s. –Jennifer
  • Play with your kids! Don’t get caught up on everything being just so and perfect (the house, their art project, the crazy layered outfit they wear, etc) And practice what you preach. They learn more from you by your example than all the things you say. –Sheena
  • The best “you’re their mom, and they are your kids, trust your gut and don’t worry about everyone else’s advice. ” – Autumn
  • Discipline: 
    You are safe with me. 
    You are loved no matter what. 
    You are called and capable. 
    You are responsible. –Kim  
  • You can’t take care of them on an empty tank. Care for yourself well. That way you can care for them even better.- Mary
  • Don’t major on the minors, and remember their world is so small, sometimes a little thing like how their sandwich is made is a big deal.- Heather 
  • God chose them to be your kids and you to be their mom. We were put together on purpose!- Emily
  • “This to shall pass” seriously I say this to every frustrating moment I have with my kids now. Helps remind me that in a year or 6 months or even 3 months from now it won’t all ways be like this. –Jessica
  • Housework can wait, it will always be there but that time with your babies will not. –Sue 
  • Pick your battles 
  • Hugs and kisses as often as you can. –Rudy 
  • Take care of issues as soon as they come up…don’t sweep them under the carpet…-Ginger
  • Let your no be no and your yes be yes. Think carefully before you answer. Then don’t switch unless circumstances demand it. –Barb  
  • Start everyday with a hug, a kiss, and “I love you”, and end every night the same way. Even if you’re tired, mad, or frustrated. –Deb   
  • Give your kids “chores” aka responsibilities. They will learn a lot from them at an early age and they don’t “have” to have an allowance for doing them either. ? –Jennifer 
  • Respond, don’t react. Often not easy – but always a good plan. –Debbie   
  • Allow them to make decisions from a young age by offering 2-3 options when possible. It gives them some control of there world and prepares them to make decisions later. –Ruth 
  • Allow their feelings even if we don’t agree with them. Their feelings are in their yard not ours. I did not get this advice but I’m giving it now because hind sight is all too clear. –Brenda   
  • Choose your battles. ⚔️ Especially in teenage years – Lindsey  
  • Cereal for dinner once in a while is not necessarily a bad thing!! 
    Seriously, the one thing that has made a huge impact on our family is to have a weekly family meeting and game night. We keep an agenda form on the bulletin board that everyone can write their “shares” on all week before the meeting. One person is in charge of snacks and one is in charge of the game/activity, and we take turns running the 20 minute mtg, then game time ?- DeeDee  

  • Park by a cart return at the grocery store ?-Lynette 
  • Do something for just yourself at least once a month. You’re constantly filling up everyone else and you’ll do this better if you also take the time to fill up your cup. The whole oxygen mask on an airplane thing…- Rachel 
  • At someone else’s baby shower before my son was born an older lady simply said: If they ask for a bandaid, give them one. I don’t know if she purely meant it literally but I’ve interpreted (or over-analyzed) through the years. Best advice I’ve ever gotten.- Lynn 
  • Don’t let yourself disappear… Being a mom does change you but taking some time for you isn’t selfish. Find those things that you love (those things may change over time) and carve out time to do them. Everyone will benefit. – Kim 
  • Sleep when they sleep.
    Parents back each other up and be on same page in front of kids. 
    Don’t discipline in anger.
    Listen to their small stuff because to them it’s all big stuff. 
    Trust your God-given intuition.
    Listen to advice but only take what you like. –Melissa
  • Try to say yes to your kids as often as possible.- Calais   
  • Find friends… because you need them like you need water. –Megan 
  • Say these easily & often:
    I love you!
    I forgive you!
    Please forgive me!
    Thank you!
    ❤️- Carrie

  • Be the parent. ?- Dawn
  •  Learn to say no to things. That way you have more time for yourself and your family. –Gena 
  • The goal is to raise responsible, independent humans. So give them as much responsibility and independence as you can! – Sally
  •  If you need help ask for it. even if it’s laundry. don’t think you’re the only one ever who is going thru stuff. –Kristin 
  • The heart of your child and their relationship with God is the most important thing. “What comes out of the mouth is what is overflowing from the heart.”~ Matthew 12:34 This includes behavior. Let them see you wholly dependent on God and teach them His truths when you sit, walk and lie down and rise up~ Deuteronomy 11:19 – Brooke •When they are older they will appreciate when you serve them, but only if they have responsibility. If you do dishes when they are working late, they will only notice if it is usually their job to do the dishes. When you pack them a lunch, they will notice if it usually their job to pack their own lunch. – Heather 
  •  Be consistent, not rigid. It’s a hard balance sometimes. I still have a magnet on my fridge from Aidan’s preschool days that says this, because I still need the reminder, and it’s a part of parenting that is relevant at just about every age and season. 
  •  Do what works for you.- Rachelle 
  •  Balance is everything.- Glory 
  •  It’s your family do what you need to survive the day! It’s to will pass! It’s just a phase in life!- Leslie 
  • Force has no place where wisdom is needed. Also, understanding learning styles.- Suzy  
  • There is never a day you didn’t make it through. There are many days you didn’t think you would, but then that day ended and then there was a beautiful new day. -Bethany
  • When bad moods hit,  I try to go back to basics… When was the last time they (or you) ate? Had enough water? Got a hug? Had their vitamin gummis? Fresh air? Nature fix? 
    Also, I’m trying to remember to *just* listen more, even if (especially when) I start stressing out inside, because I don’t know what to say. ❤️ Listening is gold.- Nathalie

  • Here’s a mundane one, but one I copied from another mom of many children, that has in turn been copied by other moms when they saw my cabinet. 
    Keep the plastic plates, cups and bowls at kid level in a low cupboard so that kids can help set the table and learn to serve themselves.- Angie
  •  Use the words “next time” when correcting a child. It is received so much better and it gives hope. –Angie
  • Consistent discipline is important. And hugs for everyone.- Liz  
  • More outdoor time!, it helps kids sleep!! (& all humans really)-Amber

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given, or what would you share with other Moms?


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