Favorite Indoor Plants for Cleaner Air

It was supposed to be a quick trip to the store to return a couple things we didn’t use on our flooring project. But then…the plant section. I wandered slowly, going back and forth, looking at all of them and picking out a couple little cuties. When I posted about it on Instagram and confessed the ridiculous thing I said to the checker, I loved all the funny comments you guys shared! 

“OMG, my plants are my friends. ? We’re getting ready to move to Seattle from Phoenix in a few weeks, and when I found out I couldn’t bring my plants, I cried. ?? Maybe extra crazy plant lady over here ??‍♀️”

“Plant ladies unite (no shame) ?”

“Oh my gosh I totally feel ya! I was heartbroken to have to leave my new raised garden beds and my garden behind. They are like my other little babies I’ve nurtured, but I’m looking forward to making a new garden space and our new place in the spring:)”

Have I told you lately how awesome ya’ll are?!

In our new home, I have a goal to have at least one plant in every room. Not only are they proven to clean the air (I’m not making it up- read more here), but they create a peaceful, calming atmosphere and with 3 kids, I need all the help with that I can get. #crazytown

One myth I want to de-bunk is that you need a green thumb. Indeed, you DO NOT. If you have a window and a way to remind yourself to water your little beauty every week or two, you’ll be good to go. Believe in yourself, k?

Here are my personal top-favorite indoor plants. Keep in mind, all plants are great for cleaning the air, just grow what works for you! These varieties have grown well for me over the years.

  1. Spider Plant- Caring for spider plants is easy. These tough plants tolerate lots of abuse, making them excellent candidates for newbie gardeners or those without a green thumb. Provide them with well-drained soil and bright, indirect light and they will flourish. Water them well but do not allow the plants to become too soggy, which can lead to root rot. In fact, spider plants prefer to dry out some between waterings. Learn more here.
  2. Jade. Jade plants can become huge, practically like trees, if you care for them right. They like full sun, so make sure you keep yours in a southern facing window. Jades like water, but they can’t be too wet. Don’t water your jade plant on a schedule. Rather, water your jade plant when the top of soil is just dry to the touch. 
  3. Aloe Vera. This easy-to-grow, sun-loving succulent helps clear formaldehyde and benzene, which can be a byproduct of chemical-based cleaners, paints and more. Aloe is a smart choice for a sunny kitchen window. Beyond its air-clearing abilities, the gel inside an aloe plant can help heal cuts and burns. Learn more about it here

4. Golden Pothos. This houseplant is probably the EASIEST of ALL to grow. They need bright in-direct light and be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings.

5. Indoor Palm. This plant was one of my very first when I moved out into my own apartment at 18. I’m sad a gave it away during a move! Indoor palms like bright light and a regular watering schedule, since they’re tropical by nature.

What are some of your favorite house plants?

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