Paint and Floors!

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been! My husband saved up lots of vacation time for this part of our building process and finally it was go-time–show time! Over the last 2 weeks he and my Dad built a landing and steps in our garage, he installed our shiplap wall, painted the interior of our home, put down our flooring in the kitchen, dining room and living room and many, many other projects happened. 

We’ve had a running list of our “home owner responsibilities” and finally, some of our biggest to-dos have been crossed off. It feels good to be done with some of the major things we’ve been anticipating.

So, for those who are into this sort of thing, here’s the info on our paint and floors: 

The interior is all white—for now (minus the wood accent wall). After researching tons of whites, we went with Benjamin Moore White  Dove. I love this white so much. There aren’t ANY hints of yellow, blue, purple etc. It’s just white and it’s soft and bright all at once, which is pretty awesome. The floor in our main living area is Spalted Woodbark from Lowes. It’ll be durable for living indoor/outdoor on 2 acres, with pets and 3 kids. Also, it’s easy to clean and dirt is camouflaged with all the different tones.  Installing it was simple, although my hubby and brother-in-law did need to make lots of careful cuts to fit the flooring around the cabinets. The area installed is much larger than what’s seen here. I should’ve taken more photos! 
I was originally going to paint the shiplap wall white, but I love it so much that it’s going to stay as-is for now. I think it’ll be perfectly fine with this flooring after there’s furniture, our island and decorations in this room.We’re at that spot in our build where all the finishing touches are starting to come together. For me personally, I’ve loved watching EVERY part of the process. It was fun to see the walls go up and walk through the house when it was still open to the sky.

Even though we waited a YEAR for our building permit, the timing has been perfect every single step of the way. I have a post coming with lots of things I’ve learned from this process. If you have any questions you’d like me to answer in that post, let me know! 

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