Hearth & Hand: My Top Picks

Well guys, I learned a million things today. First of all, I learned early wake ups due to Daylight Savings time can be the biggest blessing. As the sun rose, I sat cuddled with one of my kiddos on the couch as we both journaled what we’re thankful for. What I’d hoped to be a quiet morning alone ended up being the best quality time. 

Secondly, and much less sappy, I learned that I take terribly awful and borderline scary photos of myself in Target, while other people are around. I mean, how AWKWARD is it to bust out a selfie with Chip and Jo, while a boat-load of folks swarm the Hearth & Hand collection? So sorry friends. You aren’t getting cute from me today. At least their collection is super-duper wonderful. 

Here’s what I’m in love with:

  1. The variety of prices. There’s literally something for everyone.
  2. The simplicity, quality and timelessness of the collection. 
  3. The holiday colors. I’m BIG on black, white and green right now and the shades Joanna picked are perfection.
  4. The variety! Pajamas, candles, vases, wrapping paper and the list goes on and on….

So, yesterday on Facebook I told ya’ll that I’d check everything out, hold, hug, sniff and price check and I’d be reporting back with my favorites. Without further ado, here are my top favorites from the Hearth & Hand Collection: These gloves! Real leather, coming in at $14.99. So cute, right? And they’ll just get better with time. This welcome mat ($12.99). As soon as we stop welcoming construction workers, I’ll be placing this baby in front of my door (which I need to paint brick red by the way).

 This stocking holder. I love it, however…. I think it needs more stocking places for those of us with larger families. It wouldn’t be hard to add an extra peg, right?  The cookie cutters and cooking utensils. Everything is so classic and such great quality!  This girl in the cart….okay, she’s mine and today as we ran errands all day, I realized how much I’m going to miss having her as my sidekick next year when she’s in kindergarten. Gosh, I can hardly talk about it! ;( The wreaths and these white bud vases. They are thick and super sturdy…coming in at $9.99 Now let’s talk about this vase, pictured below ($16.99). I think this might be my top-favorite thing I saw today. Can you imagine this on your table all year, filled with flowers, greenery or whatever’s in season? It’s a true beauty and the dividers would make flower arranging so easy. Lastly, one of best items are the pajamas. How fun are these? I imagine we’ll all be seeing LOTS of Christmas Eve family photos in these, as we should! They are adorable!
Great, job Chip and Joanna!!!

Have you taken a look at the new line yet? What are your favorites so far? 

When you shop, be sure to use the Red Card Debit, for 5% off everything!

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