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The day after Thanksgiving my friend Brenda and I headed out to Steven’s Pass for a few hours of snowshoeing. This trail! I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s short, steep, relatively easy to follow and all around wonderful. I already can’t wait to return. 

If you’re looking for a great workout and you don’t have HOURS to spend, do this. To the lake it’s just over 3 miles roundtrip and the elevation gain is 1100 feet. I’ve received quite a few questions about which snowshoes I use and honestly, these $50 ones from Amazon are doing just fine for me. I find it MUCH easier to own them, rather than try to figure out a rental and these will last for years and years. Some people like more expensive, fancier brands but for now, these are working pretty awesome for  me.When we reached the lake, we saw lots of people walking on it. I wouldn’t recommend that, since it’s hard to gauge how thick the ice is at this point. However, it could be fun to make the trek around the lake. And of course, bring a warm drink. Brenda made us coffee with her Jet Boil. This is living the life! 

From the trail, you’ll enjoy incredible views of Steven’s Pass. It’s only the end of November and there’s already so much winter beauty we need to be out enjoying!

So here are the details:

What: Skyling Lake Snowshoe – A great, short and steep climb

Why: Because it’s gorgeous and NOW is this time to start enjoying the snow!

When: Now! Check the WTA for recent trail reports and always check the NW Avalanche Center just be to cautious.

Where: Stevens Pass. Park in the north parking lot (across from the resort).  Find full directions here.

How: With your snowshoes and your friends! Would I recommend anything else, like gym shoes? Um…no. 🙂

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  • Lauren Biard

    Angela, I am a local (Mukilteo) and love your blog. During the summer I was envious of your hiking trips. Now I am envious of snow shoeing. Would you consider hosting a “meet-up” or “introduction to” class for hiking or snow shoeing? I am sure it’s something I could do with a friend but would love to have some coaching the first couple of times out!

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