Creating the most Peaceful December

Yesterday morning my sister texted me and asked if she could stop by. A few hours later, as she hung her jacket and settled in, she said that our home feels so peaceful. It was the best compliment I’ve received in a very, very long time. 

Whether it’s by keeping the counters clear, saying no to things that don’t make our lives more joyful or staying off my phone, I want to carry that peace into this month. 

The towel on the stove and the cute pot holder are from New Seasons Market.

It’s December friends and for me, that comes with a mixed bag of feelings. For one, this year has FLOWN by, like whooosh, it was the fastest year I’ve ever experienced. December can easily feel too full for me and while many people are searching for fun things to do, I’m trying to make sure our family calendar has space on it for slow moments baking cookies with my kids and watching Christmas movies as a family. 

With those precious words in mind, that “our home feels so peaceful and calming”, I sat down yesterday afternoon and wrote out each and everything our family is scheduled to do this month. Pen and paper. Every time we go into something with intention, that outcome is so much better isn’t it? This month there will be a lot of opportunities in your face. Opportunities to do fun things, to go places, to start new traditions or possibly discontinue traditions that no longer serve you and your family well.

There will be a lot of social media posts filled with gorgeous decor, cookies and activities where everyone is smiling. Here’s what I need to say today….this December is for you and your family. This December, DO YOU.

What does your family need this year? Do you need down time? Rest? More time with friends? Less sugar? Less spending? Do you need to go a little less homemade? What about grace for where you are? What does your home need? What can you do to make it more restful for those precious people who live there?This year I’m going into December needing more time home. For so long we’ve been in limbo and now that we’re finally HOME, I want to hunker down here and continue to create that peaceful and calming atmosphere I’ve craved. 

I’m also giving myself permission to be as semi-homemade as feels right. Why slave away over a hot stove cooking cranberry sauce, if it’s not something I truly enjoy. And hey- this Cranberry Clementine sauce from New Seasons Market is WAY better than anything I could ever make! I’ve been pairing it with everything from meat sandwiches, to roasts cooked in the crockpot. To say I love it is an understatement. I want to put it on everything! New Seasons is a company I’ve been thankful to work with for over a year now and during the holiday season, I can’t tell you enough how great their pre-made items are. They are the highest quality, the best taste and for the time-strapped cook, they truly add so much peace to your Holiday season.

Also, for non-food gifting, I love, love, love that store for home items. Their woodsy-local feel is my FAVORITE!

Handmade candles and rad cookbooks. Quirky socks and colorful hydroflasks. DIY kits and handy kitchen tools. Check out our cool, handpicked selection, including our favorite items crafted by local artisans. Whether you’re looking for a gift, putting together a care package or—nudge-nudge, wink-wink—just feel like treating yourself right, we’ve got you covered.

– New Seasons Market

The month is fresh and new. Take 10 minutes, put your phone away and grab some paper. With a little bit of planning and a clear intention, I believe this will be the best December ever. 

This post is part of a sponsored series by New Seasons Market. I truly love this company! Here on NW Healthy Mama, I only collaborate with those I feel represent the vision behind this site. I’ll never provide false claims or reviews, influenced by any form of compensation.

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