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She bakes cakes, gorgeous cookies, and one time in Safeway we bumped into each other and I’ll tell you what, she’s just as sweet (and gorgeous) in real life as you’d imagine! I don’t remember exactly what I was doing when I saw Emily’s story, but it stopped me in my tracks and immediately I was messaging her. “Really?! You ran a mile everyday for YEAR? How do you feel? Did you ever skip a day? Any pointers for me?” Before long, I too started running a mile everyday and now it’s something I look forward to. 
I needed to interview Emily and share her story with you all because this is a story that needs to be spread. Small changes like this can transform our lives in crazy ways. Take a moment to pause, read about her journey and then let me know in the comments below if you too, would like to start doing something like this! 
Recently on Instagram stories, when you mentioned that you’ve run a mile everyday for a year, I was so intrigued! What inspired you to do this?
I was inspired to run by my husband that runs everyday. by every day, I mean EVERY DAY. He runs anywhere from 3 to 7 miles. I so badly wanted to be like that too. I am not wired to LOVE running but I thought I would challenge myself to run. I would make a goal that is attainable and stick with it. I can do a mile a day! So it began. 
Can you tell us about the changes you’ve noticed in your health?
I was what some people call “skinny fat” I looked thinner but I had no definition. I needed to feel good about myself even though everyone assured me I looked great. I just wanted to feel better physically. After three months I started to notice, If I didn’t run, my body craved it. That felt successful to me, now my body was fighting with my brain to say that I needed to run. 
Let’s talk about your workout routines before you decided to run a mile everyday. Have you always been a runner? Was it hard at first? What was your mile time when you started and what is it now?
 I started going to the gym last December and I felt like I needed something extra, and like I have already said, my husband is a runner. I have NEVER loved to run. I have never been someone who wakes up and is excited to run. After a year I have noticed so many benefits to my runs that I look forward to how I’m going to feel after. That is what keeps me running everyday, the ‘after” feeling. I enjoy muscle conditioning to keep building muscle and stay toned as well.
You’ve mentioned that you’ve had to deal with some anxiety. Has running helped? What advice would you give other women who struggle with anxiety?
My anxiety (which I have struggled with all my life, even more so after my daughter passed away) seemed to be easier to handle. I wasn’t as anxious over everything and If I felt anxious, I could have a good run and I would feel 100 times better. I love listening to worship music when I run, so your can say my running helps me physically, emotionally and spiritually. Advice I would give, is that in my experience, running or a hard work out helps relieve so much of that built up anxiety and stress that we over load ourselves with. Give it a try for a month and it will be worth it. 
So tell us, did you really run everyday? What about when you were sick or you had a busy day?
When I said I run a mile EVERYDAY, I actually have missed a few days over the past year because of not feeling well, daughters all day volleyball tournaments, and vacation time. If I don’t run one day, I don’t beat myself up about it. I have had days where I run a few miles or more with friends so the way I look at it is, I balanced it out. When I said my husband runs everyday, he literally runs every single day, even when he is sick. For now I am doing what makes ME feel good. 
Now that a year is over, do you plan to continue running daily? How far do you run now?
I will continue to run a mile every day and get my muscle conditioning work outs in because it keeps me balanced. It keeps my body healthy, my mind right and feeds me spiritually. I want to live a long healthy life and encourage my kids to do so as well. I have a 16 year old daughter that learns by example and I want my life to speak louder than my words. My two boys will hopefully seek out a partner that will lead a healthy lifestyle as well. I’m not a fitness junkie or a health nut (I envy those people) I just want my life to be balanced and to look good in my jeans 😉 Running a mile a day is do-able, or even running Monday through Friday is a great goal, don’t you agree?


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