After 9 Years, I’ve Finally Figured Our Memory Keeping

Photo printing has hung over my head for years. I print photos from time to time for framing purposes, but I don’t have filled albums like I wish I did. With thousands of photos on both our computer and my phone, it’s overwhelmed me so badly that I’ve not even known where to begin.

But the other night, something changed. For some reason, I decided to download the Chatbooks app, connect it with my personal Instagram and within an hour, I’d created a book with 2 years of our photos (complete with captions and dates). Two years! Just like that. 

Then I tried something else—I created 2 smaller books, just for our House Building, by using a unique hashtag I’d used throughout our entire building process. SUPER easy.

Before I knew it, I had 2 books from our building project and 1 gigantic book full of memories from the last 2 years headed my way in the mail. Tonight our first book arrived and there are no words to describe how much the kids love looking through it. Our son actually said that “it’s the best book we’ve ever owned.” He was teary with how much he loves looking through all of our memories. Each 60’ish page book costs roughly $10. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Memory saving is super important and while some people are good at printing, scrapbooking and all of that, I’m not.

What works for me is having a private Instagram account where I upload special moments, with captions that I’d be proud to have my family read someday. I post those pictures simply for my family and then Chatbooks grabs them and they’re printed in our books.

A few words of advice:

  1. Post photos in Instagram that are SPECIAL to you and use captions you’ll want to read later. These books are especially treasured by your family when there’s a sentence or two telling about the photo…but not a slew of hashtags. When you’re writing your caption, imagine it being printed in a book for your family to read. 
  2. Sort photos/create books for special occasions, by using a unique hashtag. When we built our house, I used one hashtag for the entire process so I could create a book just about our build. 
  3. Don’t post vidoes, unless you want to go through your book and remove the selected videos before the book’s printed. 
  4. Just DO IT! I was super overwhelmed with the idea and in literally less than an hour I ordered 2 years worth of our photos. My kids LOVE our books and I am so proud of myself for conquering something that’s really intimidated me!

Do you use Chatbooks? What advice would you add? I am in love with them and so thankful I finally went for it and started having these printed for my family. 

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