Welcoming Picnic Season

Just a few hours ago, there was a beautiful picnic on our kitchen floor. It certainly wasn’t planned or fussy. Tea was spilled, crust wasn’t eaten, but it was beautifully perfect because it was laid back, sweet, and everything that matters was happening. Relationships. Fun. Memories being made.

As I type this, I can’t help but think about how my kids are already a few days into their summer break. School flew by this year, and tonight as I tucked them in, I hugged them extra-long and told them how glad I am that they’re still little. 

Our youngest starts school in the fall so this summer is approaching in an extra special way. More than ever, I want to enjoy my kids, picnic, have beach days with friends, and savor these few short months, before my 3 kids are ALL in school. 

Picnic season is here, and I have an extra special product I want to share with all the moms out there who deal with food allergies. Our family is completely over the moon about these bars and cookies. I love that they’re safe to share with all the kids’ friends and that they’re made by a local company.

I’ve heard from so many of you and I recognize that finding allergy-free (and delicious) snacks can be quite tricky. These bars and cookies are a total game changer.

No more reading labels and being disappointed at warnings of allergen traces or possible contact with them. At FreeYumm, bars and cookies are made with specially selected ingredients that have themselves been produced to be free of the “big eight” major allergens.

In addition, the FreeYumm staff of trained bakers work diligently in their dedicated facility to ensure the major allergens are never allowed on site.

For all my mom friends who deal daily with allergies, this gives incredible peace of mind. 

A little more about this wonderful (and local!) company:

FreeYumm was founded in 2014 out of a love for delicious, wholesome food and a commitment to being both Yummy and free of the Big 8+ Major Allergens. FreeYumm remains passionate about celebrating yummy foods that are potentially accessible to 99% of people.
FreeYumm’s dedicated bakery is located in North Vancouver, BC, where its team of trained bakers work diligently to ensure the major allergens are never allowed on site. With wholesome, natural ingredients, FreeYumm’s line of bakery-made snacks include 4 flavours of bars and 3 flavors of cookies. FreeYumm’s selection of goodies can be found nationally across Canada and in select retailers within the
Pacific Northwest, California and Texas. FreeYumm can also be purchased online at Amazon.com and Well.ca. For more information about FreeYumm please visit www.freeyumm.com, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.”

My favorite way to order these goodies is via Amazon, but if you’d like to find these awesome bars and cookies in a store near you, click here.

As we wrap up this school year, and launch into summer, I’m wishing all of you many picnics outside, many spontaneous playdates, shared treats and many laughs.

A big thank you to FreeYumm for sponsoring this post. It’s always a pleasure to partner with local companies our family genuinely loves. 

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