Have you ever been curious about the nutrition of your farm fresh eggs?

Happy fall, friends! It’s so good to be sitting down and sharing a bit about what’s been happening on our little farm lately. Can I call it a farm? I think so. We’re up to 18 chickens now, 2 ducks, a super-duper mouser kitty and of course we still have the 2 old dogs. Rosie, our first puppy is 12 ½ now and we’ve recently noticed she’s completely deaf.

Our first year really gardening on our property was such a dream. I knew this was what we wanted and the JOY we’ve experienced from this space was more than I could’ve asked for. I’m already planning out next year. There are many things I hope to do the same and a few changes we’ll be making. Mostly, I’ve found that when I’m talking to anyone about gardening or chickens, I have this deep desire in me to convince EVERYONE that yes, they CAN do it, too! I will convince you that you CAN grow flowers, veggies and have chickens. I just can’t help but try to talk you into it!

One of the highlights about our garden design is having the chicken run attached to the garden. I would highly, highly recommend this. They work together so well. When I pull weeds, I toss them to the chickens and yes, our chickens have become little beggers, but their eggs have never looked better.

I’ve always been so curious about the true nutrition of our eggs and so recently I sent 18 of them to the lab at Eggland’s Best to be analyzed. We’ve been feeding both the chickens and ducks the new Eggland’s Best food and their eggs have never looked better, but I’m super curious to get the nutrition results back.

Eggland’s Best has a full line of pellets, crumbles, organic and non-organic and chick starter. Our chickens eat a LOT of stuff from our garden, but I’ve loved supplementing their diet with this food. I’ll be reporting back with the official nutrition analysis from our eggs soon and I can’t wait to share the results!

In the meantime, you can look this food up here.

Here’s one more reason why our girls are loving this food:

“Not only do EB Chicken Foods have all of the nutrients your hens need to stay healthy members of your family, but they also contain all of the nutrients which make Eggland’s Best eggs renowned and award-winning country-wide. Our unique formula has prebiotics and probiotics in addition to other nutrients to help your hens’ gut health. Healthier guts provide an increased uptake of essential egg-making nutrients. Having optimal levels of nutrients in combination with a more complete uptake allows the shells to be thicker and the white of the egg (albumen) to be more firm, making your eggs beautifully plump.” Read more here.

Wishing you all the most beautiful, relaxing and joyful fall. Go outside and do something you love!


A big thank you to Eggland’s Best for partnering with me on this post. As always, the opinions shared here are all my own. It’s an honor to work with companies I love.

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